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What to Do to Burn Fat Faster

To burn fat the easiest way, in addition to exercise and a low-calorie diet, you can opt for aesthetic treatments that lead to disruption and consequently the elimination of the cells that store fat.

Some great options are the devices of ultrasound, high-frequency, carboxitherapy, radiofrequency and endermology that achieve great results in relatively little time, but the choice of treatment should be guided by the physiotherapist expert or beautician, taking into consideration such as amount of fat accumulated, their appearance, and if it is soft or hard.

But to complement these treatments and are unable to eliminate localized fat faster must practice high-intensity exercises every day or at least 3 times per week for about 1 hour, and eat 3 in 3 hours and avoiding the intake of foods rich in fat, such as pretzels, sausages and foods pre-prepared, for example.

It is more common for women to accumulate fat on the thighs, on the back and on the hip, and it is from the menopause that this accumulation is more pronounced. Already in men, the sites of greatest accumulation are the belly and the buttocks, having a greater relationship with the sedentary lifestyle and the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

How to eliminate localized fat

Some options to eliminate localized fat are:

1. Fat located on the back

The localized fat in the back is the one that can be observed in the lower part of the scapula or just below the line of the bra, forming the “small folds” of the back. To end the localized fat in the back is recommended to carry out exercise located, such as rowing, which works and tones the back muscles and helps to burn fat in that region.

In addition, other treatment options for burn the fat located on the back can be the lipocavitação or endermologie, for example. Learn how this technique is done in: Lipocavitação.

2. Localized fat in the belly

The localized fat in the belly is one of the most difficult to be eliminated, it being important to do abdominals every day, to tone the muscles in that region, and also contribute to the improvement of the body posture. You can practice running, walking, aerobics or swimming. The most important thing is not to stand still and invest in exercises that will make breaking a sweat and increase your heart rate.

Can also be used supplements to burn fat like L-carnitine or CLA, which facilitate the loss of abdominal fat through the destruction of the fat deposits, but should only be used for indication of a doctor or nutritionist because they are not suitable for all people.

The aesthetic treatments that achieve better results in this region are criolipólise, lipocavitação, radio frequency, manthus, and also plastic surgery tummy tuck.

3. Localized fat on the thighs

The localized fat on the thighs is the one that can be observed in the inner region and the back of the legs, near the buttocks, which is usually chock full of cellulite. Against the fat located in this region, it is advisable to perform exercises that work the muscles of the legs, as the squat or sink, with professional guidance so that they are carried out correctly, without damaging the column.

Some aesthetic treatments that can help you lose fat include the current electro-stimulation, like the current Russian or aussie current, as these devices promote a muscle contraction more intense and burn the excess fat in the region with greater ease.

4. Fat located between the waist and hip

The localized fat in the flanks is the one that is on the side of the trunk, just below the ribs and above the highest part of the hip bone. To melt this fat you can perform a massage, modeling, use creams reducers, do lipocavitação or radio frequency. The liposuction surgery will help give you a better body contour more quickly, but is more costly and has other risks for health.

5. Localized fat on the face

The localized fat on the face can be in the cheeks or under the chin, forming the double chin, increasing the size of the face, leaving you looking more bloated. In this case, to eliminate the fat from this area you can perform a treatment with radio frequency, use creams reducers or make use of the surgeries such as liposuction, a bichectomia or a facelift, that in addition to helping remove the fat, also contributes to that the skin is firm and without wrinkles. Learn How does the surgery work to fine-tune the face and its risks.

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