What It Is and How to Do a Cauterization in the Hair 1

What It Is and How to Do a Cauterization in the Hair

The Cauterization hair is an aesthetic treatment that closes the structure of the wires, so end up with frizz, reduce volume and promote the smoothness, hydration and brightness of the wires, using keratin and heat.

The Cauterization hair professional should be carried out in hairdressing salons, and it allows for the reconstruction and sealing of the cuticle of hair damaged, fragile and brittle. Its effect is temporary, and depending on the structure of hair and response to treatment, it needs to be repeated every 3 or 4 months.

When it is indicated

The Cauterization hair is suitable for damaged hair, fragile, brittle or cuticles open, which are in need of a treatment is deep and restful.

In addition, when the products used do not contain formaldehyde or similar substances in its composition, this technique can also be done by pregnant women.

As it is made

The process of realization of the technique can vary a bit depending on the Kit used by the professional, but generally includes the following steps:

  • Wash the hair with shampoo anti-residue appropriate, in order to open the cuticles of the wires. This step serves to ensure that the hair is now ready to receive and absorb the product of the sealing;
  • Application of the keratin: after the rinse is indicated to use a cream sealant or conditioner combined with light bulbs of keratin;
  • Use of heat: lastly, is made to the step of thermal, which includes holding brush and the passage of hair straightening ionic iron on the wires. The iron must be made into wicks very thin and each section should be rolled 5 to 6 times.

Depending on the brand used, the following flat iron can be recommended to rinse the hair to remove the excess of product used, or it can be indicated that the product remains on the wires for a few days.

In addition to the Cauterization hair professional, there is also the Cauterization capillary-like atmosphere, which consists of a homemade version and a more economical technique, which can be made using the hair dryer or flat iron at home, even the hair stay well aligned. However, even in this case it is indicated to consult a seasoned professional who can assess the hair type and its needs, before carrying out the procedure.

Care after performing a Cauterization capillary

After performing a Cauterization in the lounge, there are some cautions that help to maintain and effect of the technique. These care include:

  1. Do not use shampoos, deep cleansing or anti-residue action;
  2. Decrease the number of times you wash your hair;
  3. Use products specifically made for chemically treated hair.

In addition, during some months it is also recommended not to do other treatments or procedures on the hair, such as dyes or straighten your hair, so the hair can regain its health.

Cauterization hair smooths the hair?

The Cauterization the hair with keratin can leave hair smoother for a few days, what happens due to its potent moisturizing effect and repairing. The Cauterization only removes the frizz from the hair, not changing its structure. Therefore, this effect tends to disappear after a few washes, leaving only the softness, hydration and brightness of the wires.

When the Cauterization is carried out to smooth the hair, it is actually a escova progressiva, because the products used in addition to keratin are also in their formulation, formaldehyde, or substances with similar effect that smooth the hair and alter its structure.

What It Is and How to Do a Cauterization in the Hair 1