What Is the Piercing Dental and How to Put 1

What Is the Piercing Dental and How to Put

Unlike the piercing common, piercing dental there is no drilling of the tooth, being that the pebble is placed with a kind of special glue that is hardened through the use of a suitable light, in the dentist’s office or a specialist in the placement of piercings in the tooth, and which lasts between 2 to 3 months.

Although the drilling of the tooth for the placement of the piercing can be made in some cases, must be performed by a dentist who specializes, since there is a very high risk of the tooth cracking or breaking.

As it is placed

The technique for placing the piercing in the tooth is very simple and painless, by following the following steps:

  1. Cleaning of the teeth with a enxaguante antibacterial, to eliminate the excess bacteria;
  2. Application of a substance on the surface of the toothto help the glue to stick better and for longer;
  3. Cleaning substanceand drying the tooth;
  4. The application of the special gluethat will stick the stone on the tooth;
  5. The placement of the stoneselected on the glue;
  6. The use of a special lighton the tooth for 60 seconds to dry and harden the glue.

This procedure lasts about 5 minutes, and, typically, you do not need any special care after the placement of the piercing, being only recommended to avoid to pass the language on the site during the first few hours.

Although it is used a glue to keep the piercing in the tooth, she is not super bonderand, therefore, it is not advised to do the piercing at home, and one should always go to a dentist or other professional. In addition to that the use of super bonder can cause lesions on the surface of the tooth and facilitate the emergence of cavities or cracks, for example.

The price of the piercing dental

The price of the piercing of the tooth varies according to the type of jewelry selected, however, the most basic can cost around 100 to 300 reais.

Possible risks of body piercing

Since that is done by a dentist or appropriate professional, the piercing tooth is very safe and does not bring any complication to the health, since the tooth is not drilled and the glue used is safe for the body.

The only risk related to this technique happens when the piercing becomes loose and can be swallowed or inhaled, may cause lesions in the walls of the esophagus, of the stomach or of the lungs. In this way, it is important to be aware of if the piercing is well glued on the tooth and see a dentist, if you are leaving.

How to do the piercing last longer

So that the piercing is more time glued to the tooth, and do not quit easily, there are some simple care such as:

  • Avoid eating foods that are hard, fibrous or spicy, because they end up wearing the tooth;
  • Avoid biting directly the food with the tooth where is the pebble;
  • Do not touch the piercingwith your fingers;
  • Use a brush fencing more soft.

These easy tips avoid the wear of the piercing and the surface of the tooth, allowing the glue to keep their strength for longer.

How to remove the piercing

The piercing in the tooth should always be removed by a dentist to ensure that there is glue stuck on the tooth. Thus, you should avoid taking the body piercing at home and, even though he ends up falling for yourself, it is important to consult with your dentist to ensure that there is no debris on the surface of the tooth.

What Is the Piercing Dental and How to Put 1