What Is Low-Poo and Which Products Are Released 1

What Is Low-Poo and Which Products Are Released

The technique Low Poo is a replacement of washing your hair with an ordinary shampoo for a shampoo without sulfates, silicones or petrolatos, which are too aggressive for the wires, leaving them dry and without natural glow.

For those who adopts this method, in the first few days you may notice that your hair is less shiny, but with time, you will become more healthy and beautiful.

What is the technique

To start this method it is important to know the ingredients that should be avoided and follow the following steps:

1. Delete prohibited ingredients

The first step to start the method, Low-Poo, it is necessary to set aside all the hair-care products with prohibited ingredients such as silicones, petrolatos and sulfates.

In addition you must sanitize combs, brushes and clips in order to remove all residues. For this, you have to use a product with sulfates that have the ability to remove petrolatos and properties of these objects, however may not have these ingredients in the composition.

2. Wash a last time the hair with sulfates

Before you start using a shampoo that is free of ingredients harmful, one should wash one last time your hair with a shampoo with sulfates but without petrolatos or silicones, because this step serves exactly to eliminate the waste of these components, that the shampoos used in the method Low Poo are not able to do.

If necessary, you can do more of a wash so that it does not left any residue.

3. Choose hair care products suitable

The last step is to choose shampoos, conditioners or other hair products that do not have in its composition of sulfates, silicones, petrolatos, and if appropriate, parabens.

For this, the ideal is to take a list of all of the ingredients to avoid, which can be viewed below.

Some brands of shampoo that does not already contain none of these ingredients are the Shampoo Low Poo My curls from Novex, Less Poo Shampoo gentle Yamá, Low Poo Shampoo Apothecary Bioextratus or the Elvive Oil Extraordinary Budget Shampoo from L’oreal, for example.

Which ingredients are prohibited

1. Sulfates

The sulfates are the agents for washing, also known as detergents, which are very powerful because they open up the cuticle of the hair to eliminate the dirt. However, it also remove the moisture and the natural oils of the hair, leaving them dry. Here’s what is and what is the purpose of shampoo without sulfates.

2. Silicones

Silicones are ingredients that work by forming a layer on the outside of the wire, called protective film, which is a kind of barrier that prevents the wire from receiving hydration, giving only the sensation of the hair is more hydrated and shiny.

3. Petrolatos

The Petrolatos work in a very similar way to the silicon, forming a cover over the outside of the wire without the treating and preventing also the hydration of the hair. The use of products with petrolatos can lead to their accumulation on the wires of a way prolonged.

4. Parabens

Parabens are preservatives widely used in cosmetics, because they prevent the proliferation of micro-organisms, ensuring that the products last longer. Although there are many people that exclude parabens of the method, Low-Poo, they can be used because in addition to not having enough research evidence demonstrating its harmful effects, they are also easily disposed of.

Undesirable effects

Initially, in the early days, this technique can leave the hair looking heavy and dull due to the absence of ingredients that usually give a glossy shine to the hair. In addition, people with oily hair may have more difficulty in adapting to the method, Low-Poo and why some people return to the traditional method.

It is important that people who initiate a method, Low-Poo know that some time has passed, to exclude ingredients harmful to your daily routine, in the medium and long term will get a hair more healthy, hydrated and shiny.

What is the method In the Poo

The no Poo is a method of not using any shampoo, nor the Low Poo. In these cases, people wash their hair only with conditioner, also without sulfates, silicones and petrolatos, whose technique has the name co-wash.

In the method, Low-Poo also if you can switch to washing hair with shampoo Low Poo and conditioner.

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