What Is Hidrolipo and Their Differences 1

What Is Hidrolipo and Their Differences

Liposuction tumescente, also called hidrolipo, is a plastic surgery indicated to remove localized fat that is performed with local anesthesia, with the person awake during the whole procedure.

This plastic surgery is indicated when it is necessary to reshape the body contour and not to treat obesity and can be used in all areas of the body that has localized fat.

Differences between hidrolipo, mini lipo and lipo light

Although they have different names, both the hidrolipo, such as the mini lipo, lipo light, and liposuction tumescente refer to the same cosmetic procedure. But the main difference between traditional liposuction and hidrolipo is the type of anesthesia that uses. While the lipo traditional is done in a surgical center with general anesthesia, the hidrolipo is performed with local anesthesia, but sometimes with large doses.

The price of the hidrolipo

The price of the hidrolipo varies depending on the location where it will be held and the physician who will perform the procedure. The price only of the surgery, varies between 1500 to 3000 real, but you should add up the costs of a hospital stay, anesthesia and costs with the plastic surgeon.

Risks of hidrolipo

When liposuction tumescente is carried out by medical practitioners plastic surgeons properly trained the chances of complications are minimal and up to the present date there are no reports of cases of death related to this procedure, being therefore considered a safe technique. But, despite this, there is the risk of the formation of seromas, which are fluid accumulated near the location of the scar, which can be resorbed by the body or will have to be removed by the doctor with the help of a syringe in the days after the surgery. Learn the factors that favour the formation of seroma and how to avoid.

How is the hidrolipo

The hidrolipo should be done in a clinic of aesthetic surgery or hospital, under local anesthesia, but always by the plastic surgeon that has mastered this technique. The person should remain awake during the entire procedure but may not be able to see what the doctors are doing, similar to what happens in a caesarean section, for example.

During the surgery, the doctor will insert a liquid called Klein to the base of lidocaine at the site of aspiration, together with other medicines to reduce the bleeding and facilitate the removal of localized fat. After you will insert a cannula, which will “suck” all the accumulated fat.

At the end of the aspiration of all the fat you want, make the dressing and put the strap and the person is taken to a room to recover. The average time of the duration of the liposuction tumescente varies between 2 to 2 and a half hours.

How is the recovery after the hidrolipo

In the post-operative period it is recommended that the person take a rest and do not make efforts, and depending on the recovery and the area vacuumed, he can return to their normal activities within 3 to 20 days.

The diet should be light and foods rich in water and the wound healing are more suitable, such as eggs and fish rich in omega-3. The person must be out of the hospital bandaged and with a strap, and this should only be removed for bathing and should be placed again the following.

Manual lymphatic drainage can be performed before the surgery and after the lipo is very useful for removing excess fluids that form after surgery and decrease the risk of fibrosis, which are small areas of hardened skin, giving a result more fast and beautiful.

The ideal is to conduct at least 1 session before the surgery and after the lipo, one should perform the drainage every day for 3 weeks. After this period, the drainage should be carried out in days merged for 3 more weeks. See the step-by-step: lymphatic Drainage.

After 6 weeks of liposuction, there is no need to continue with manual lymphatic drainage and the person can remove the strap, returning to physical activity too.

Locations most appropriate to do

The locations of the body best suited to do the hidrolipo are the abdominal region, arms, inner thighs, double chin (the chin) and the flanks, which is that fat that is on the side of the belly and back.

There are several clinics that do this procedure in the whole of Brazil. Usually in the big cities, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Porto Alegre there are more than 1 clinic where the surgery can be performed.

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