What Is and What Is Thermal Water 1

What Is and What Is Thermal Water

The Thermal Water is very beneficial for the skin, because it serves to moisturize, freshen and soothe, giving a healthy and radiant face. In addition, the Thermal Water has a strong antioxidant action and anti-aging,

The Thermal Water is a kind of mineral water rich in minerals produced in the laboratory, which serves for all skin types, including sensitive skin or sensitized.

Benefits of the Thermal Water

The thermal water has various benefits, which include:

  • Refresh the skin;
  • Moisturize the skin;
  • Calm the skin;
  • Relieves the redness and burning;
  • Purify the skin.

The thermal Water is especially indicated for the hot days, the skin to dry and dehydrates due to the high temperatures. This product can also be used for cool babies and kids.

What it is for and How to use the thermal water

The thermal Water is very simple to use, it is recommended to apply a little bit on the face or in the region to hydrate, whenever it is deemed necessary. Thus, some of the applications of the thermal Water include:

  1. Fixed the makeup, because when applied before and after makeup, makes it last longer;
  2. Relieves pain and reduces inflammation, and can be used to treat burns or wounds.
  3. Soothes the irritationand can be used post waxing or post sun, moisturizing and reducing skin discomfort;
  4. Treats skin problems, such as allergies or psoriasis, since it relieves the itching and the redness;
  5. Reduces redness and closes the pores, helping in the treatment of acne because it is rich in antioxidant minerals that purify and calm the skin;
  6. Treats insect bites and allergies, it relieves the itching when applied on the region.
  7. There are specific times to apply the thermal water, however, it should always be applied in the morning and at night, being great to apply before sunscreen, to refresh and moisturize skin deeply. Before passing the Thermal Water, if possible, you should clean first the face to eliminate impurities and remains of make-up. An excellent option to clean the face is to the Water, Casein, and learn more about this product what is and what is Water Casein.

Where can I buy

The thermal Water can be bought in pharmacies, cosmetics stores or in online shops, and it is sold by various brands such as Avène, Vichy, Lindoya or La Roche Posay. The price varies between 20 and 60 dollars, depending on the brand that produces.

What Is and What Is Thermal Water 1