What Is and What Is the Shampoo Without Sulfate 1

What Is and What Is the Shampoo Without Sulfate

The shampoo without sulfate is a type of shampoo without salt and that does not make foam in your hair, being good for dry hair, fragile or brittle because it does not harm both the wires as an ordinary shampoo.

The sulfate, which is actually sodium lauryl sulfate, is a type of salt added in the shampoo that helps to clean up the wires, and the scalp of a more profound way by removing your oils natural. A good way to know the shampoo has sulfate is read in its ingredients name sodium lauryl sulphate.

All the shampoos common contains this type of salt in its composition and therefore make a lot of foam. The foam is not harmful to the hair but it is an indication that the product contains sulfate, and therefore, the more foam you make, the more sulfate you have.

What is the shampoo without sulfate

The shampoo without sulfate will not dry the hair and is therefore particularly indicated for people with dry hair or resected, particularly for those who have curly hair or curly, because the trend is, of course, be more dry.

The shampoo without sulfate is particularly indicated for people who have curly hair, dry or chemically treated straighten your hair, brush progressive or dyes, for example. In this case the hair gets more fragile and brittle, and needs more wetting. Whenever the hair is in these conditions one should opt for a shampoo without sulfate.

What is the difference between shampoo without salt and shampoo without sulfate

Shampoo without salt and shampoo without sulfate is not exactly the same thing because although these two substances are salts that the cosmetic industry adds to the shampoo, they have different functions.

The shampoo without salt, refers to the withdrawal of sodium chloride from its composition, which is good for those who have dry hair or dry, because it leaves the hair dry and cause irritation or peeling in the scalp mainly that you have fine hair, curly or curly. Already the shampoo without lauryl sodium sulfate, is another type of salt present in the shampoo, which also dry the wires.

So, who is with the hair thin, fragile, brittle, dull or dry you can choose to buy shampoo without salt or shampoo without sulfate, because it will have benefits.

Brands and where to buy

The shampoo without salt, and the shampoo without sulfate can be found in the supermarkets, shops, salon products, and in medicine. Good examples are the brand Bioextratus, Novex and Yamasterol, for example.

What Is and What Is the Shampoo Without Sulfate 1