What Can Be Tooth Darkened and How Is It Treated 1

What Can Be Tooth Darkened and How Is It Treated

There are some factors that can make your teeth blackened, as the intake of some medications, root canal treatment, intake of some foods and drinks or blows resulting from an accident, for example.

This problem can be solved with a simple treatment, however it depends on its cause, which may consist of a tooth whitening or a restoration of the tooth, for example.

What are the causes

The tooth darkened can be caused by the following factors:

  • Trauma to the tooth, during the practice of sports, after a fall, after a blow or a car accident for example;
  • Intake of foods and drinks with pigments that darken the tooth like tea, coffee, wine, fruits red or curry for example;
  • Canal treatment, is taken the pulp of the tooth. See how it is done this treatment;
  • Medicines such as the tetracyclines, if taken by the mother during pregnancy or by children under the age of 8 years.

In addition, to the extent that the person will be able to, you can go getting the teeth more dark, due to the loss of minerals from the tooth.

How is it treated

The treatment of the tooth darkened depends on the cause that originates the problem, because in some cases, some techniques may not be sufficiently effective.

In the case of the tooth to be stained by pigments contained in food and drinks, this coloring can be easily removed with a dental cleaning performed at the dentist. To improve the results, should be made a brushing of the teeth with a toothpaste suitable, should be used flossing regularly and rinsing the mouth with water or elixir, always after meals, to eliminate the pigments contained in food.

1. Tooth whitening

If the stains are caused by pigments from food and drinks to persist, you can choose to do a teeth whitening external in the doctor’s office or at home, with the help of gutters.

The tooth whitening external usually is not effective if there has been a trauma to the tooth, or if it has been done a root canal treatment, this is because in these cases there may be necrosis of the dental pulp. In these cases, you can elect to perform an internal bleaching.

Both the bleaching external as the internal, are not effective on stains caused by the ingestion of tetracycline.

2. Resin restorations

In the case of trauma, root canal treatment or intake of tetracycline that has caused the darkening of the tooth, can be applied on the teeth facets resin and then do a whitening external, in order to improve the results.

3. Porcelain

However, if the teeth are too dark, they should not be covered with veneers of resin, because it will not be sufficient to mask the color of the tooth. In these cases, you can opt for the placement of dental veneers in porcelain.

What Can Be Tooth Darkened and How Is It Treated 1