Wax to Decrease the Pain of Hair Removal 1

Wax to Decrease the Pain of Hair Removal

The waxes depilatórias with anesthetic natural brands Gesi or Depilnutri, are waxes that help in the reduction of pain during epilation, because it has in its composition natural extracts of plants that contain anesthetic agents and natural anti-inflammatory drugs, which decrease the sensitivity to pain and reduce the inflammation in the follicles after the removal of the by.

These waxes hot allow pain reduction up to 60 to 80 % during the hair removal, and feature a composition creamy which makes that adhere more to the by the and less to the skin, while also helping to reduce the pain during the process of hair removal. In addition, they can be purchased in online stores or in beauty products stores that sell material for hair removal and cost between 45 and 50 dollars.

How to make hair removal with these types of wax

Hair removal hot wax should be done with caution when performed in the home, and should always follow the following steps:

Step 1

Heat the wax in a bain-marie or on a low fire, until the wax is creamy, but not fully liquid and test the temperature by placing a small amount on the arm or in the palm of the hand for example.

Step 2

Apply the wax using the roll-on or a spatula in the direction of the hair growth stretching skin while the application does.

Step 3

Remove the wax in a quick motion contrary to the hair growth, parallel to and as close to the skin as possible. The wax Gesi is a wax that solidifies and forms a film that can be easily pulled out, while the wax Depilnutri should be barred and removed by using a sheet of waxing.

Hair removal with hot wax should not be made in cases of varicose veins due to dilation of blood vessels and is recommended in these cases that refer to the vascular surgeon and that you use waxes cold whenever possible.

In addition, to decrease the suffering and pain, should avoid waxing during menstruation and in the 3 days preceding the menstrual period, because usually there is a greater sensitivity to pain. In the most serious of great suffering during the waxing, you can even be advised to take medicines such as paracetamol to lessen the pain during the whole process. To avoid the pain during the waxing, here’s how you should make your waxing intimate in How to make hair removal intimate properly.

Wax to Decrease the Pain of Hair Removal 1