Vacuoterapia in the Treatment of Cellulite 1

Vacuoterapia in the Treatment of Cellulite

The vacuoterapia, also known byendermologie, is also one of the forms of treatment for cellulite and consists of sugar, a part of the skin to be treated, and, through manoeuvres, specific, slide under the entire area, causing the release of toxins. When taking off the skin of the muscle there is a better reorganization of the tissue, decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

The use of vacuum in the treatment of cellulite, improves nutrition of cells and promoting the creation of new small blood vessels, having the effect of toning and firming due to the increased production of cells, collagen and elastin that support the skin. See other applications of this technique: what is Vacuoterapia and for that Serves.

Despite this treatment to be a good aid, also, it is important to match the diet, drink green tea and do exercise regularly to burn the accumulated fat that is involved in the cause of cellulite. The exercises should be performed for 1 hour to 90 minutes, every day, giving the legs and glutes.

Contraindications to treatment the vacuum

The treatment to vacuum for cellulite, it is contraindicated in case of changes in the circulation, thrombosis, phlebitis, injury, skin, infections, cancer, kidney disease, a low tolerance to pain, cellulite grade 4 because of the pain, however, if the woman to bear the pain, you can carry out the treatment.

How many sessions do

For the treatment of cellulite, recommend a minimum of 10 sessions with duration of approximately 20 minutes per treated area. After the treatment to decrease the pain, discomfort and local redness, use a ice bag for approximately 5 minutes is indicated.

If during the treatment the vacuum pressure to cause pain, you can ask the therapist to decrease the intensity of the vacuum, to relieve the pressure, and the treatment become more comfortable.

Vacuoterapia in the Treatment of Cellulite 1