Tummy Tuck With Lipo – A Solution to Have Belly Chapada 1

Tummy Tuck With Lipo – A Solution to Have Belly Chapada

The tummy tuck with lipo of the abdomen to help you get rid of all the fat in excess, to improve body contour, leaving the belly flat, tapering to the waist, and giving one look more slender and slim.

These two plastic surgeries complement each other since a tummy tuck removes excess fat in the belly, in addition to the skin and the sagging and the liposuction, also called liposculpture, removes localized fat in specific locations, mainly in the region lateral of the hip, improving the contour of the body, tapering to the waist.

This surgery can be performed on men and women and is done with epidural anesthesia or with general anesthesia. In addition, you need on average of 3 days of hospitalization and in the post operative period is necessary to stay with drains to exit the excess fluid from the abdomen and use a range compression throughout the abdominal area.

How is made the plastic surgery in the belly

The lipo-abdominoplasty is a surgery that takes between 3 to 5 hours and it is necessary to:

  • Make a cut in the bellyin the form of a semicircle just above the pubic hair line to the navel and burn fat;
  • Sew the muscles of the abdomenand stretch the skin of the upper abdomen to the pubic region and sew it, set the navel;
  • Aspire the belly fatthat is excess.

Before starting surgery the doctor must trace the outline with a pen the areas with excess fat to facilitate the procedure.

How is the scar of the surgery

The scar of a tummy tuck is large, but it is next to the pubic hair and, therefore, is discrete, since it can be covered by the bikini or underwear.

In addition, you may have small scars that seem small points, that is the place where is extracted the fat in liposuction.

Post-op of lipo-abdominoplasty

The full recovery from this surgery takes an average of 2 months and requires care with posture, being fundamental does not make efforts during this time to prevent the seam open.

It is common to have pain in the abdomen and arise some bruising especially in the first 48 hours after surgery, decreasing with the passing of weeks and, to get out the excess liquids are placed drains.

In addition, it is necessary to put a lap belt that must be used daily for about 30 days, which serves to give more comfort and prevent the region to become very swollen and painful. Learn how to walk, to sleep, and when you take to the track in the post-operative period of abdominoplasty.

The results of the surgery

The end result of this plastic surgery can be seen, on average 60 days after the procedure and after the surgery, lost some weight, and volume because it is removed localized fat in the belly and the body becomes more slender, the belly slap and the stem more slender.

In addition, it should be properly feed and do physical exercises regularly to avoid getting fat again.

How much does it cost to lipo-abdominoplasty

The price of this surgery varies between 8 and 15 thousand reais, depending on where it is done.

Tummy Tuck With Lipo – A Solution to Have Belly Chapada 1