Treatment to Eliminate Varicose Veins and Small Spider Veins 1

Treatment to Eliminate Varicose Veins and Small Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy with dense foam is a type of treatment that completely eliminates varicose veins and small spider veins. The technique consists of applying a substance cholangitis call Poidocanol, in the form of foam directly into the varicose veins until they disappear.

Sclerotherapy with foam is effective in microvarizes and varicose veins up to 2 mm, eliminated them completely. In the varicose veins of larger caliber, this treatment may not give the best result, but is able to decrease its size, as it required more than 1 application in the same varicose.

How is it treated

This treatment is relatively simple, but should only be performed by a doctor, preferably the angiologist. Initially the doctor injects the medicine into the vein that is in the nursing spider veins until they disappear, and they are slightly white as shown in the following images.

This therapy causes a certain pain and discomfort, not only by the bite of the needle, but by the entry of the drug into the vein, but most people tolerate it well this pain.

After treatment, the application of the foam, it is recommended that the person use compression stockings, elastic, type Kendall, to improve venous return and decrease the chances of appear new varicose veins.

It is still stated that the person do not expose to sunlight to prevent the region to become stained. If necessary, you should use a sunscreen throughout the treated area.

This treatment is definitive?

The elimination of varicose veins and small spider veins with sclerotherapy with foam is virtually definitive because the vessel treaty will not present varicose, however, other varicose veins may arise because this also has an inherited trait.


The price of each session varies between 200 and 300 reais, and the number of sessions varies depending on the amount of varicose veins that the person owns.

Risks of sclerotherapy with foam

The risks of sclerotherapy with foam are minimal, however, can rarely cause deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, which can cause the displacement of clots through the body and reach the lung, for example.

Treatment to Eliminate Varicose Veins and Small Spider Veins 1