Treatment for Dry Spider Veins in the Legs 1

Treatment for Dry Spider Veins in the Legs

The spider veins in the legs can be eliminated with the use of creams, medicines, or medical treatment such as sclerotherapy, where it injects a substance sugar that eliminates the blood vessel affected. To do so the body itself will remove the little vase treated with sclerotherapy and form a new blood vessel at that location.

The spider veins are small blood vessels, very superficial, which have the circulation severely affected. Scientifically they are called telangiectasias and the doctor most suited to assess this type of disorder is the angiologist. Here we can find the best forms of treatment for dry spider veins and small varicose veins of the legs.

Creams for spider veins on the legs

The creams that can be used for relief of pain and discomfort in the legs can be given in milder cases. The best way to know if the creams to be useful and effective is to lightly press the region with spider veins and see if they disappear, if this happens, it is possible to use this type of cosmetics, along with food supplements, it is possible to be a good improvement of telangiectasia.

The creams are best suited are those that cause the sensation of cold on the skin as soon as they are applied, usually found in gel form. Some examples are:

  • Sesderma Angioses Gel tired legs;
  • Sesderma Resveraderm Plus Capsules;
  • Venex Gel Tired Legs;
  • Cirkuven Cream Tired Legs;
  • Martiderm, Emulsion Legvass;
  • Antistax gel refreshing;
  • Ointment with extract of the leaf of the vine red;
  • Akileine Gel Draining heavy legs.

To use this type of product must be applied directly on the legs, with a gentle massage, until it is reabsorbed into the skin. The best time to use is at the end of the day, after a bath, applying immediately before going to sleep. It can also be useful to resting with the legs higher than the rest of the body, and for this you can place a cushion under the legs or placing a shim of 10 cm in height at the foot of the bed.

Remedies for spider veins

The natural remedies and pharmacy are also good options to combat the spider veins that appear on the legs. The best remedies to help combat new spider veins in the legs are the ones that help to improve the blood circulation, such as:

  • Centella asiatic;
  • Extract Morugem;
  • Capsules of garlic;
  • Horse chestnut;
  • Extract gilbardeira;
  • Ginkgo biloba;
  • Antistax;
  • Frileg;
  • Martiderm Legvass in capsules;
  • Almiflon;
  • EasySlim-Duo Rapid in light Bulbs;
  • Innéov Circuvein;

These herbal remedies can be purchased at natural food stores and in some pharmacies, but always under the guidance of the doctor or pharmacist, especially in the case of pregnancy, because in this phase the woman should not use medicines, nor even the natural.


Sclerotherapy, popularly called “application of varicose veins” consists of applying a substance cholangitis directly into the spider veins causing them to disappear almost instantly.

Sclerotherapy it hurts a little bit and to relieve this pain, you can pass a balm anesthetic in the legs about 30 minutes before applications. Even so, there may be a certain discomfort when the substance cholangitis penetrate on the small, especially if the person you have a lot of spider veins.

After sclerotherapy, you should use a daily half-elastic compression, type socks Kendall, during the whole day, only removing for showering and sleeping. It is normal that the area treated becomes painful, and slightly tarnished in the early days, for this, you can take a painkiller and avoid exposure to the sun.

How to prevent new spider veins in the legs

At the end of the treatment, it is recommended that the individual have some daily care to prevent new spider veins appear Between these care are:

  • Do not stay too much time sitting or too much time standing;
  • Do not sit cross-legged;
  • Walking and
  • Have a healthy diet.

These precautions are important because it keeps the blood and lymphatic circulation working properly.

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