To Understand How It Works the Fotodepilação 1

To Understand How It Works the Fotodepilação

Scientifically, the fotodepilação consists in the elimination of body hair through the use of light rays and, therefore, can include two types of treatment, which are pulsed light and laser hair removal. However, the fotodepilação is often connected only to the pulsed light, being differentiated from laser hair removal.

The use of pulsed light helps destroy slowly the cells that produce the hair, because this type of light is absorbed by the dark pigment of the hair. Once absorbed, the light causes an increase of the temperature at that location, weakening the cells. As the technique only works on hairs that are directly connected to the cells, which happens in only 20 to 40% of the body hair, it can take up to about 10 sessions fotodepilação to reach all the cells and get the result of the final disposal of the hair.

What is the price of the treatment

The price of the fotodepilação can vary according to the clinic selected and the equipment used, however the average price is 70 reais per area and session, being more cost effective than laser hair removal, for example.

That areas that may be without hair on

The use of pulsed light offers the best results on light skin with dark hair and can be used in almost all parts of the body, especially on the face, arms, legs, and groin. Already other most sensitive areas, such as the intimate area, or the eyelids, should not be exposed to this type of hair removal.

Difference between fotodepilação and laser hair removal

Considering that the fotodepilação refers only to the use of pulsed light, the main differences in relation to laser hair removal include:

  • Power of the apparatus used:the type of light used in laser hair removal is more powerful than the pulsed light of the fotodepilação;
  • The emergence of the results:the results of the fotodepilação take more time to emerge, because, while in laser hair removal, the cell that produces the hair is destroyed almost immediately, in fotodepilação the by will getting weaker until you no longer appear;
  • Price: generally, the fotodepilação is more economical than laser hair removal.

To improve the results in both cases, it is important to avoid waxing during the treatment, as the complete removal of the hair impedes the passage of light to the cell that produces the hair.

Who should not do fotodepilação

Although the fotodepilação with pulsed light is a technique quite safe since it uses a power that does not damage the skin, it should not be used by people with vitiligo, tanned skin or with skin infections, because there may be a darkening or whitening local.

In addition, people who use medications that increase the sensitivity of the skin, as is the case of adolescents that use products for acne, should not do this kind of waxing in the location that is being treated.

The main risks of the treatment

Most of the sessions fotodepilção do not produce any type of complication, especially when they are made by trained professionals. However, the fotodepilação can always bring some risks such as:

  • Burns;
  • Scars on the skin;
  • The dark spots.

Typically, these risks can be avoided, and it is advised to consult a dermatologist before starting the treatment fotodepilação.

To Understand How It Works the Fotodepilação 1