Steps to Make Hydration, Wetting or Reconstruction in the Hair 1

Steps to Make Hydration, Wetting or Reconstruction in the Hair

The best way to make an excellent hydration and stay with the soft hair, without volume, without frizz and with a glow is to use the creams and masks that your hair really needs.

An excellent way of knowing if the hair is in need of hydrating, wetting or capillary reconstruction is doing the testing by putting the hair within a glass of water as shown in the following image:

After doing this test, you should offer exactly what your hair needs.

How to make hydration

  • For washing:prefer shampoo without salt, neutral or transparent and rub it mainly on the scalp, leaving the foam only seeping by the threads.
  • To moisturize:the following should apply moisturizing mask or massage cream that has ingredients like honey, egg, chocolate and vitamins. The mask should remain on the hair for about 10 minutes, and if it is possible to cover the head with a cap, the product warms up in the hair and the results are even better. Then simply rinse and finish as you prefer, is letting it dry naturally or using finalizer and hair dryer, followed by of the plank, for example.
  • Frequency: 1 or 2 times per week, for those who wash your hair up to 3 times per week, those who washes every day, you can opt to add 1 more day of hydration, or to merge with a wetting. This frequency is not high and does not weigh down on the wires.

How do wetting

  • For washing:use the shampoo pearlescent, indicated for dry or damaged hair, use a small amount but to ensure that all the wires are clean.
  • For umectar:after you apply a mask or massage cream that contains oil or butter added such as shea butter, macadamia oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive, argan oil. Add these ingredients in the cream that used to make the hydration is also a good idea. Let sit for up to 20 minutes with shower cap on the head.
  • Frequency:do a maximum of 2 times per week, even if you wash the hair daily.Those who have oily hair should only apply the product after 10 cm from the root, and if you have short hair, only on the tips.

How to do the reconstruction

  • For washing:use shampoo for deep cleaning, without salt.
  • To rebuild:add 1 bulb of keratin for each 1 tablespoon of massage cream or use a cream that has protein, such as keratin, creatine, arginine, cysteine, collagen amino acids in their ingredients. Sometimes the labels of the products have information that is for the replacement of mass in the capillary. Let sit for 20 minutes, with shower cap and rinse the following.
  • Frequency:use a maximum of 2 times per month because of the excess of keratin makes the hair brittle.

The best way to ensure that the hair receives exactly what it needs is by doing the test on a frequent basis, but following the schedule is a hair is also a great way to get a hair beautiful and hydrated even if you are using the chemical on the hair.

Steps to Make Hydration, Wetting or Reconstruction in the Hair 1