Step-by-Step Skin Cleaning Professional 1

Step-by-Step Skin Cleaning Professional

The cleaning of deep skin serves to remove blackheads, impurities, dead cells and removes pre from the skin, which is characterized by the appearance of small polka dot white or yellowish in the skin, especially the face. It should be done 2 in 2 months, in the case of skins, normal, dry, and 1 time per month on the skins mixed to oily and with blackheads.

Skin cleaning professional can be done in beauty clinics and lasts for about 1 hour, but can also be done a cleaning of the skin homemade. Check out the step-by-step to do the cleaning of the skin at home.

6 Steps to make Cleaning of the Skin

Skin cleaning must be done by a beautician and is usually done with the following steps:

1. Clean the skin

Is to remove the makeup and cleanse the skin by applying a cleansing lotion to help remove the oiliness and some of the impurities of the skin. Products with Aloe vera and green tea are great options for detoxifying the skin. The lotion should be applied with the hand with the glove across the face, and then you can use a gauze pad to spread the product all over face with circular movements.

2. Open the pores

The opening of the pores generally is made with the application of vapour of ozone, or even steam, because steam helps to soften the skin, facilitating the removal of blackheads and impurities. It can be applied also to a mask to help further soften the skin layer more shallow. The water vapor or ozone can last from 5 to 10 minutes, and during this period, the beautician can massage the hands or the head of the person receiving the treatment, making the moment more enjoyable and relaxing.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation serves to remove the most superficial layer of skin and dead skin cells, facilitating the extraction of blackheads and impurities of the following step. In people who have pimples inflamed this scrub can only be done with a specific product, but in all other situations you can use a cream exfoliant that has micro-granules that are pressed into the skin, favouring the removal of dirt. The circular movements with a piece of gauze are essential to remove as much blackheads on the face and open the pores. The complete removal of the product can be made with water and a clean gauze, preparing the skin for the next step.

4. Extract blackheads

The extraction of the nails is done manually, with a piece of gauze or a small piece of cotton moistened with a lotion antiseptic, pressing the fingers indicators in the opposite direction. Already the extraction of miliuns should be done with the help of a microneedle to pierce the skin and press on, removing the pellet of sebum that graduated from there. This procedure may take a maximum of 30 minutes and usually begins on the T-zone, in the following order: nose, chin, forehead and then cheeks.

After the manual extraction of blackheads and miliuns, can be applied to a device of a high frequency that assists the skin to heal and calm down. But another way to do a good cleaning of skin, removing the most of your impurities is to get a professional treatment called skin cleaning ultrasonic, which uses an ultrasound device to reach the deeper layers of the skin.

5. Calming mask

Should be applied to a mask, usually calming, depending on the type of skin, for about 10 to help reduce redness and calm the skin. Their removal can be carried out with water and clean gauze, with circular movements. During its actuation can be performed manual lymphatic drainage on whole face to help remove the redness and the swelling.

6. Application of sunscreen

To complete the cleaning of the skin should be applied a moisturizing lotion and sun block with a protection factor equal to or greater than 30 FPS. After this procedure the skin is more sensitive than normal and therefore the sunscreen is crucial to protect the skin from sun damage and to prevent the appearance of dark spots on the skin, which may arise if it is exposed to the sun or ultraviolet lights, for example.

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Care after cleaning skin

After skin cleaning professional, it is necessary to have some care for at least 48 hours, as it is not exposed to the sun and do not use acid products and creams oily, giving preference for products-soothing and wound healing of the skin. Good options are thermal water and sunscreen facial to protect the skin from sunburn and to avoid the appearance of stains.

When not to do

Skin cleaning professional should not be made in the skin with acne when there are pimples inflamed, with yellow appearance because it can aggravate the acne and harm the skin. In this case the most appropriate is to go to the dermatologist to perform a treatment to eliminate pimples, what can be done with specific products to apply on the skin or drugs to take. In addition, it should not be done in individuals with very sensitive skin, with allergies, peeling, or rosacea.

Also not if you should do skin cleaning when the skin is tanned because it can lead to the emergence of dark spots on the skin. Who is doing the treatment with acids in the skin, such as chemical peels or are using a cream that contains some acid also can not do cleaning of the skin due to increased sensitivity of the skin. The dermatologist may indicate when you can start the cleaning of the skin.

Skin cleaning can be done in pregnancy, but in this phase it is common the appearance of spots on the skin and, therefore, the aesthetician may choose to use different products or do a cleaning of the skin surface, so as not to damage the skin, avoiding the appearance of the dark spots on the face.

Step-by-Step Skin Cleaning Professional 1