See How to Make a Diamond Peel Homemade 1

See How to Make a Diamond Peel Homemade

A good way to do a diamond peel at home is to use a good exfoliating cream to remove dead cells from the most superficial layer of the skin. However, another way of performing this type of treatment is to buy a kit for diamond peel portable stores, specialized products, or through the internet.

Although there are multiple creams scrubs on the market, they all operate in the same way, as well as the homemade recipes, which can be prepared with coffee powder, oat bran or cornmeal, for example. In all these cases is the thickness of the molecule that is to be rubbed on the skin promotes the removal of impurities, excess keratin and dead skin cells, leaving the skin thinner, more ready to receive the necessary hydration.

How to do a diamond peel homemade

A great recipe to exfoliate the skin, making a diamond peel homemade, consisting of mix 1 spoon honey with 1 spoon of sugar and rub this mixture all over the face, insisting more in the regions where the skin try to have more cravinhos as the nose, forehead and chin.

The step-by-step to perform the peeling home consists of:

Pass a cotton with water or cleansing milk facial all over her face.

Apply the scrub with a sponge or moist cotton wool pad, rubbing all over the face.Remove the exfoliator with a disc of cotton wool soaked in water or thermal water and apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream to the face, which contain sunscreen.

This type of deep cleaning of the skin can be performed 1 time per week, but is not advised when the skin is injured, and when spines are present, because in these cases the skin can be damaged. If you are with pimples, see what you can do to cure: home Remedy for pimples.

The benefits of diamond peel can be observed soon after the treatment and include a skin more clear and more clean, elimination of blackheads and better hydration of the entire face, but to keep the skin always be beautiful it is also important to take care of the skin from the inside out, by drinking about 2 liters of water per day, and giving preference to foods that prolong youth.

See How to Make a Diamond Peel Homemade 1