Secrets for Skin Always Young 1

Secrets for Skin Always Young

One of the secrets to keep the skin always young is to use a daily sunscreen. Guards can be found in various forms, is just as sunscreen or in the form of moisturizers for the face and body which has in its composition the sunscreen, and can be found in the form of a gel, cream or lotion.

Other secrets to a skin that is always young, which include:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day:hydration is essential for skin to have elasticity;
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables: helps to detoxify the body, leaving the skin more clean and bright;
  • Wash your face with a cleansing lotion suitable for skin type:gives cleansing and moisturizing at the same time. The soap, the soap or other product that is not intended for the cleaning of the face are not recommended because they make the dry skin, diminishing elasticity and favoring the appearance of wrinkles.

Some makeup brands have already increased the sunscreen in their products and this is a good way to walk as well maquiada and always protected from the harmful effects of ultra violet radiation.

Creams for skin always young

The creams, hydration, daily and nightly, age-appropriate are also an essential tool to keep your skin looking forever young. Some examples are:

  • Aqua Fusion SPF 15, Lancome;
  • Day Moisture Protetction SPF 15, Shiseido;
  • Nourishing cream Shea SPF 15 from L’occitane;
  • Moisturizing cream for the face, sweet herb, Natura and the
  • Flu medications) for the Face FPS 15, of the Company.

These products can be bought in cosmetics stores or over the internet. The products very cheap and brand losses are discouraged as they may contain a greater amount of lead in its composition, bringing more harm than benefit.

Secrets for Skin Always Young 1