Rf in the Belly and Glutes, Burning Fat and Fighting Cellulite 1

Rf in the Belly and Glutes, Burning Fat and Fighting Cellulite

The radiofrequency is an excellent aesthetic treatment to do in the belly and in the buttocks because it helps to eliminate localized fat and still fighting sagging, leaving skin firmer and ever. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and the results are progressive, and after the last session, the results can still be realized by 6 months.

This treatment is especially indicated for people who are very close to your ideal weight, to improve body contour with only localized fat, as an alternative to plastic surgery or can be made to improve the after effects of having had a tummy tuck, for example.

How it works the radio frequency

The equipment of radio frequency is safe and can be performed in all people with more than 12 years of age. The waves of the equipment come to the fat cells, located beneath the skin and above the muscles, and with the elevation of the temperature of this region for up to 42â ° c these cells have broken down, eliminated, and the fat that contained in its interior. The fat is in the interstitial space, between the other cells and for this to be really eliminated from the body definitely must be removed via the lymphatic drainage or through physical exercise.

The fat can stay in the interstitial space for up to 4 hours and so soon after each session of treatment, the person must perform a treatment of lymphatic drainage in the location that was treated, or should practice any physical activity that is capable of burning all the surplus fat.

Final result, without sagging

The elimination of fat gives results lasting and stable and provided that the person make a healthy diet and practice physical activity regularly, she will not get fat. However, if the person consume more energy than your body spends, it is natural to increase of weight and the fat back to get accumulated in certain regions of the body.

In addition to providing the elimination of the accumulated fat radio frequency improves the tonicity of the skin because it increases the production of collagen fibers and elastin that support the skin. Thus, the person removes the fat and the skin is still firm, no sagging.

Risks of treatment

The radio frequency in the belly and in the buttocks is very well tolerated and the only risk that exists is the power to burn the skin, when the equipment is not kept in motion the whole time of the treatment.

How many sessions do

It is recommended to do around 10 sessions to be able to evaluate the results, depending on the amount of fat or cellulite that need to be eliminated or the amount of saggy skin the person has. Best results are seen when done in a combination between the radio frequency and lipocavitação in the same aesthetic treatment.

The lipocavitação is excellent to eliminate localized fat, while also being more efficient to reduce measures but it does not have any effect on collagen, and therefore, can even promote the sagging, since the radio frequency is an excellent aesthetic treatment against sagging, so combining the two treatments is an excellent way to achieve better results and even faster. When these two treatments are combined, the ideal is to do 1 session of radio frequency in a week, and the following week do the lipocavitação, being the equipment merged.

When not to do

This treatment is not indicated when the person is very overweight and also should not be performed when the person has a metal implant in the region where it will be treated. Other contraindications include:

  • During pregnancy;
  • In the case of hemophilia;
  • In the case of fever;
  • If there is any infection at the site of treatment;
  • If there is disorder of sensitivity;
  • If the person has a pacemaker;
  • When the person takes any medication on anticoagulant.

Also should not be applied to another device of electrotherapy at the same time, not to interfere in the outcome and to not burn the skin is necessary to remove the jewelry from the body.

Rf in the Belly and Glutes, Burning Fat and Fighting Cellulite 1