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Pregnant Can You Dye Your Hair?

Is it safe to dye your hair during pregnancy, because more recent studies point out that, although many dyes use chemicals, they are not present in large quantity and, therefore, are not absorbed in sufficient concentration to reach the fetus and cause malformations.

However, as the majority of paints for hair continues to contain some kind of chemical, if you do not wish to contain any risk the best is to opt for water-based paints or without ammonia.

So, the best option is to always consult your obstetrician before using any type of paint in the hair, either at home or in the salon.

When it is safer to dye your hair

It is safer to dye your hair after the first 3 months of pregnancy because during the first trimester all the organs and muscles of the baby are beginning to form, and there is a greater risk of mutations. Thus, the use of any kind of chemical strong, even though in contact with the skin, should be avoided.

Many pregnant women may feel the need to dye your hair right after the first month of pregnancy, as with pregnancy, the hair tends to grow faster, but the ideal is even to avoid to paint until after the first quarter.

What is the best color to dye your hair

The best to dye your hair is to use dyes color soft, colors more vivid, often have a greater number of chemical to allow the ink to grab on the hair for a longer time. An alternative to paints the most vivid chemicals is the use of natural dyes, as the dye of Henna or ink 100% vegetable, for example, that do not contain chemical substances. See how to dye your hair at home by using teas.

Tips to dye your hair during pregnancy

To dye your hair during pregnancy, it is necessary some care as:

  • Paint the hair in a well-ventilated place;
  • Always follow the instructions on the package;
  • Use gloves to apply the dye on the hair;
  • Leave the dye on the hair for the minimum time indicated, not the leaving in hair longer than the recommended time;
  • Wash the scalp thoroughly after painting the hair.

These precautions should be adopted if the pregnant woman decides to dye your hair at home or in the salon. If the woman continue to be concerned with the use of hair dye during pregnancy, you should consult your obstetrician or wait to dye your hair after giving birth.

Pregnant Can You Dye Your Hair 1