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Modeling Girdle Thins the Waist?

Use a modeling girdle abdominal to fine-tune the waist can be an interesting strategy to dress up an outfit just, without having to worry about the tummy. However, it should not be used daily because it can compress too much the abdominal region, and even damaging the respiration and the digestion.

Sleep strap, or spend all day using strap only to fine-tune the waist can even worsen the asymmetry of the abdomen because it actually prevents the contraction from the abdominal muscles, and decreases the diameter of these muscle fibers, favoring the weakness and, consequently, to sagging in the belly. Thus, the effect fat-reducing belt is only momentary and risky to health.

Risks of frequent use of a modelling girdle

Daily use a strap abdominal very tight and only with the intention of fine tuning the waist is risky because there may be:

  • Weakening of the abdominal muscles and the back, leaving the belly flaccid and worse posture, because the muscles get weaker, forming a vicious cycle, and there is a growing need to use the strap to ‘fine tune the waist’ and is supposed to improve posture;
  • Difficulty breathing, as during inspiration, the diaphragm lowers and moving naturally to the abdomen, and with the strap that movement is impaired;
  • Poor digestion, because the excessive pressure of the strap on the stomach and other digestive organs, prevents the passage of blood and its functions;
  • Constipationbecause the movement of the diaphragm on the bowel helps the emptying of the bowel, but with the use of the strap, this movement does not happen as it should;
  • Poor blood circulationbecause of the excessive pressure of the strap upon the vessels, hinders their arrival in all tissues efficiently;
  • To increase the feeling of insecurity when you are without the strap, which is detrimental to the mental health and quality of life.

The best way to fine-tune the waist quickly, but permanently, is by burning fat, which can be done with diet and exercise. The aesthetic techniques such as liposuction or lipocavitação are also very helpful to accelerate the burning of fat and improve the body contour, being more efficient and with better results than the strap abdominal.

When the strap abdominal is indicated

The use of the strap abdominal is especially indicated in case of surgeries on the spine or in the abdominal organs because it will help heal cuts on the skin and in the muscles and prevent the opening of the internal points.

The strap is also particularly indicated after a plastic surgery, such as tummy tuck or liposuction, because it will help contain the swelling and fluid retention common in the postoperative period.

After surgery the brace can be used even to sleep, and should be removed only for bathing, but should only be used by the time determined by the doctor.

In addition, the use of the strap can also be a good option to increase the well-being of the obese person who is in the process of weight loss. But to feel really well with the new body, you may be instructed to perform plastic surgery to remove excess skin after a person reach the ideal weight.

Can I use the strap to work out?

Strap male when placed over the abdomen can be useful to stabilize the back, facilitating the surveying of weights in the gym. So, when the man is training and doing a new series, or when you’re having to lift too much weight, the trainer can recommend the use of a brace to protect the spine.

Certain brands sell belts that are made with rubber material, such as neoprene, which increases the perspiration in the region of the belly, which supposedly helps to burn fat and lose weight. However, sweating does not eliminate fat, causing only dehydration, so this type of strap only reduces measures to eliminate more water, being its effect very the passenger.

Pregnant can use modeling girdle?

The woman can use the strap abdominal since it is own for the pregnancy, because these are excellent to help hold the belly and prevent back pain. The belt is ideal for pregnant women should be done with tissue more elastic, no brackets or velcro, being more easy to wear and adjust the size, as the belly is growing.

In any case it is not recommended to use modeling girdle that was not designed for pregnant woman during this phase because they can bring health problems for both the mother and the baby. Your improper use may cause compression of the uterus, bladder, and even of the placenta and the umbilical cord that can compromise the growth of the baby.

Modeling Girdle Thins the Waist 1