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Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Cellulite

The lymphatic drainage is indicated to combat cellulite because it can eliminate the excess liquid and toxins that accumulate between the fat cells, which greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Although, there is no treatment that is totally effective to combat cellulite definitely, the lymphatic drainage when combined with a diet with low salt and the ingestion of 2 liters of green tea per day, achieves great results.

In addition, the drainage can also be performed to complement other aesthetic treatments such as lipocavitação and radio frequency, for example, and is also indicated in post-operative plastic surgery.

How to make lymphatic drainage for cellulite

The lymphatic drainage for cellulite must be done in the legs and in the buttocks, at least 3 times per week, for about 40 to 60 minutes.

For the technique to be performed correctly, you have to perform gentle movements with the tips of the fingers or the palm of your hands, sliding over the region to be treated, taking the liquids towards the lymph nodes so that they are really deleted.

The ideal is that the draining is carried out by a therapist experienced because then you will have better results. However, in the days that have no treatment in the clinic, you can complement this at home treatment, making an auto drain, by following the steps below.

Step-by-step lymphatic drainage home

Step 1 – to Stimulate the lymph nodes paraesternais (in the middle of the chest) and supraclaviculares (above the clavicles) by pressing these regions by 5 to 7 times in a row. The following must stimulate the lymph nodes inguinal (near the groin), by pressing these regions by 5 to 7 times in a row.

Step 2 – Slide the hands on the legs and buttocks, respecting the direction of the ‘arrows’ of the images, as if you were pushing the liquids to the groin. It must first be made to the slip in the leg and buttock and then on the other leg and in the other buttock.

Step 3 – finally you should repeat the pressure on the lymph nodes inguinal and supraclaviculares to finalize the lymphatic drainage, because this ensures the excess fluid from the legs and glutes are directed to the subclavian veins and the jugular vein, to be eliminated from the body.


The price of the manual lymphatic drainage varies between 80 and 100 dollars per session, depending on the region of the body to be treated, the clinic you choose and the number of sessions.

The number of sessions varies according to the type of cellulite, it can be 5 sessions, in the case in which the cellulite is perceived when the skin is pressed, or even 20 sessions, when the sagging and the holes in the skin are easily observed in any position.

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Lymphatic drainage for cellulite in pregnancy

The lymphatic drainage can be performed in pregnancy, after the 3 months of gestation, and is useful to combat the swelling typical of pregnancy. However, it should be performed by a trained professional and should not be done at home.

Generally, the manual lymphatic drainage for cellulite is a therapy common in the treatment of heavy legs and swollen, or for those who have a greater chance of varicose veins or bruises, as in the case of pregnant women.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Cellulite 1