Main Characteristics of Dry Skin 1

Main Characteristics of Dry Skin

Dry skin presents itself dull and with a tendency to stay repuxando, especially after the use of soaps that are inappropriate or bath with very hot water. Very dry skin can be descamando and irritated, and in this case it is necessary to follow a treatment for dry skin to ensure its integrity and beauty.

Dry skin can become dry for a number of causes, such as genetics, environmental factors, such as places that are very dry and with too much sun, the wrong use of cosmetic products, and also by drinking a little water.

The ideal is to, whenever possible, to avoid every one of these factors to prevent the skin to become very dry. But to do an exfoliation on the skin can be a good strategy to be able to moisturize the skin more effectively. Here’s how to do a massage, scrub, step-by-step here.

Treatment for dry skin

The treatment for dry skin requires the use of products, moisturizers and humectants, such as alcohol-free and non-comedogenic, that is, that do not favor the appearance of acne.

Liquid soaps, moisturizing base of honey and aloe vera are good options, as well as the use of creams for dry skin or skin extra dry.

The dry skin should not be washed more than 2 times a day, and it is recommended to spend a good moisturizer daily, immediately after bathing because the skin absorbs the product better.

Anyone who must wash hands many times per day must, whenever washing them, ironing a moisturizing cream to the hands to prevent that they are parched, and that the cuticle is dropping, facilitating the installation of micro-organisms.

Elbows, knees, and feet deserve special attention, and, for these areas, you can add an oil to the cream that you use on the entire body, for an extra hydration.

Main Characteristics of Dry Skin 1