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Macrolane is a cosmetic procedure that uses a gel based on hyaluronic acid, that when injected in a given region of the body, promotes an increase of its volume, improving the body contour.

What’s the use of Macrolane

The Macrolane serves to increase a particular area of the body, such as breasts, butt and legs. The product still serves to improve the appearance of scars, without the need for cutting or a general anaesthetic, being a great alternative to the use of silicone.

Side effects of Macrolane

The possible side effects of Macrolane are local irritation, swelling, small inflammation and pain. These can be solved easily with the intake of anti-inflammatory medicines and painkillers prescribed by the doctor on the day of application.

How is the session of Macrolane

Starts the session Macrolane with a anesthesia at the site of treatment. Then the doctor will enter the gel in the desired areas.

The results can be seen soon at the end of the procedure.

How long does Macrolane

The Macrolane lasts an average of 12 to 18 months, and may be reinjetado, from this date.

Who can use Macrolane

The individuals who can use the Macrolane are those that are close to the ideal weight, who are healthy and who wish to increase the volume of a certain region of the body.

Who can apply Macrolane

Macrolane can be applied only by doctors, in a clinic or hospital.

Risks of Macrolane

According to the producer, Macrolane is well tolerated by the body and does not have health risks. But it can make breastfeeding, if the product is applied in the breast and has not yet been fully resorbed by the body when the baby is born.

Macrolane does not interfere with the conduct of examinations such as mammography, but it is recommended to warn the technician that performed the treatment with Macrolane before performing the procedure. As well as the doctor who will evaluate the examination.

Not been observed for any other risk when Macrolane is applied in other areas of the body.

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