Learn the Risks of the Freezing of Localized Fat 1

Learn the Risks of the Freezing of Localized Fat

The burns of the 2nd and 3rd degrees that lead to the emergence of a big bubble or the complete destruction of the skin, and in need of medical treatment is the main risk of criolipólise, a aesthetic treatment that freezes the fat.

At the time the person may feel nothing more than a blazing but soon the pain gets worse and the region is very red, forming bubbles. If this happens you should go to the emergency room and start the treatment for the burn as much as before.

However, this risk is minimal when the treatment is performed with an equipment duly certified, and that you receive the proper maintenance, every 3 months of use.

How it works the criolipólise

The criolipólise is a technique of freezing the body fat that damage fat cells by freezing the cells that store the fat. With this, the cells die and are naturally eliminated by the body, without increasing the cholesterol, and without being again stored in the body.

This fat crystal is naturally removed by the body not being necessary any type of complement, only a massage following the session. The technique has excellent results even with only 1 session and these are progressive. So after 1 month, the person note the results of the session and decide if you want to do another session with the companion. This other session can only be made after 2 months of the first, because, before that, the body will still be eliminating the fat frozen out of the previous session.

The time of a session criolipólise should never be less than 45 minutes, being that the ideal is that each session lasts 1 hour for each area treated.

The criolipólise is safe?

During the criolipólise, is placed in a machine with two plates of cold on the skin of the belly or thigh. The instrument must be calibrated between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius negative, freezing and crystallizing only the fat cells located just below the skin.

The best equipment Criolipólise is the brand pain free.zeltiq Aesthetic Inc. because with all the characteristics necessary for a safe and effective treatment, with a large number of scientific publications on the protocols that were effective in the elimination of more than 40% of fat in the treated region. Other brands more economic, often found in Brazil, for commercial purposes do not always respect the scientific part, the end of greater financial return not being safe or efficient.

In addition, part of the burns that have already occurred with this type of treatment are due to lack of maintenance of the machines or the incompetence of the professional. The Fda does not require that the criolipólise be made only by physicians or physical therapists, specialists and so can be used by any professional with knowledge of the aesthetic.

Other alternatives to eliminate localized Fat

In addition to the criolipólise, there are several other aesthetic treatments to eliminate localized fat, such as:

  • Lipocavitação, which is a high potency ultrasound, which eliminates fat;
  • Radio frequency, which is more comfortable and ‘melts’ the fat;
  • Carboxitherapy, where are used needles with gas to eliminate fat;
  • Shock waves, which also damages part of the fat cells, facilitating their elimination.

Other treatments that have no scientific proof that can be effective in the elimination of localized fat are the use of creams that eliminate fat or even when using an ultrasound device so that it can penetrate more in the body and the massage modeling because it cannot eliminate fat cells, although you can move it around.

Learn the Risks of the Freezing of Localized Fat 1