How to Use the Self-Tanner Without Staining the Skin 1

How to Use the Self-Tanner Without Staining the Skin

To apply the self-tanner without staining the skin, it is necessary to remove all the accessories, take a bath, put on gloves and apply the product by making circular movements over the body, leaving the locations with folds for the order, such as knees or fingers, for example.

The self-tanning products that act upon the skin, by the action of dihydroxyacetone which dyes the most superficial layer of the skin, leaving it with a darker shade and, similar to the tan provided by the sun. Read more in: Artificial Tanning.

These products for tanning, can be sold in the form of creams or sprays, and there are self-tanning good of different brands and for all skin types and can be purchased in pharmacies, drugstores or supermarkets.

How to prepare the skin for applying self-tanner

To apply self-tanner the right way and have an even tan, you should:

  • Remove all accessories and jewelry;
  • Take a shower to eliminate the dirt of the body and waste of makeup;
  • Dry the skin very well with a clean towel;
  • Make a body scrub to remove impurities and dead cells.

Before you start the application of the cream, you should put on gloves to avoid getting with the stained hands and dirty fingernails. In case, you do not have gloves, you should wash your hands with soap several times during the application and rubbing the fingernails with a brush.

How to use the self-tanner

  1. Apply on the legs: put the product up to the ankles and on the upper part of the feet;
  2. Apply on the arms: put the product up to the hands, belly and chest;
  3. Apply on the back: the application of self-tanner should be done by a family member so that the product is well spread and do not arise out of spots;
  4. Apply on the face: the person must put a tape on the hair so that it does not disturb the application of the product and allows that it is well scattered, and it is important to not forget to apply behind ears and neck;
  5. Apply in the places with folds: such as knees, elbows or fingers and massage well the location, so that the product is very well spread.

Generally, the color comes up to 1h after application and will become dark with the passing of time, the end result appears at the end of 4 hours.

To stay with tanned skin, you should apply the product for at least 2 days in a row, and the color can last between 3 to 7 days.

Care to apply the self-tanner

During the application of self-tanner, a person must have some care so that the end result is a tanned skin and beautiful. Some of the care include:

  • Do not wear clothes for 20 minutes after the application, and must remain naked;
  • Do not do exercises that make you sweat up to 4 hours after the application, such as running or cleaning the house, for example;
  • Take a bath only 8 hours after the application of the product;
  • To avoid making the hair or lighten the hair before applying self-tanner. The waxing should be done two days before so that the skin is not very sensitive;
  • Do not apply the product on wet skin or damp.

In addition to these care, if you have small spots on the body after the application of self-tanner, you should do a body scrub and then re-apply the self-tanner.

How to Use the Self-Tanner Without Staining the Skin 1