How to Take the Spots of Chickenpox 1

How to Take the Spots of Chickenpox

Apply daily on the skin a little bit of oil rose mosquetá, hipoglós or aloe are great ways to get the small spots on the skin left by chicken pox. These products are natural and can be used even in children with more than 6 years of age.

After about 2 months of daily use, the spots may be lighter, but if I can’t notice any difference, should resort to the use of any cream with the property clareadora, as Suavicid, which can be indicated by a dermatologist.

The treatment to remove the marks and stains of chickenpox should only be started after the chicken pox is fully healed, but the ideal is that it is done in infancy, because otherwise the marks may become permanent, making it very difficult to be removed in adult life.

Natural ways to take the spots of chickenpox

To remove the scars of chickenpox of the skin of the child, can be used solutions homemade as:

  • Wheat Germ oil: apply wheat germ oil on scars from chicken pox every day, after bathing. The wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which help in healing and in the regeneration of the skin.
  • Aloe: cut 2 leaves of aloe in the middle, with the help of a spoon to extract all the gel from inside the leaf to a container. The following, you should dampen a towel or clean gauze on the gel, and pass on the scars every day about 2 times per day. The aloe helps in healing the skin, moisturizing and regenerating-a.
  • Rose oil Mosquetá: apply the oil on the skin every day, after bathing. The rose oil mosquetá promotes skin regeneration, whitening and moisturizing the skin.

In addition, it is also important to avoid exposure to the sun, using a sunscreen with SPF above 15 and to make body scrubs homemade every 2 weeks to remove the dead skin cells. See how to make a good Exfoliating homemade with natural ingredients.

Treatments to remove the marks of chicken pox

If chickenpox has not left itself the dark spots on the skin, but they were small scars that are higher than the skin, can be used for treatments such as:

  • Ointment with steroids: combat the itching, hydrates and protects the skin, but can only be used under medical indication;
  • Peeling with acids: removes the most superficial layer of skin, whitening the skin and removing scars;
  • Dermabrasion: removes the outermost layer of the skin through a type of sandpaper, electrical, removing the marks of chickenpox, and the giving of a contour evenly to the skin;
  • Laser: uses high-energy light to remove damaged skin and remove the unwanted scars from chickenpox.

The choice of the best aesthetic treatment must be done by the dermatologist or physiotherapist dermato functional after the evaluation of the skin of the individual.

How to Take the Spots of Chickenpox 1