How to Stop Wrinkles Around the Mouth 1

How to Stop Wrinkles Around the Mouth

The nail can get stuck for different reasons, however the primary cause is the court wrong of the nails that ends up facilitating the abnormal growth of the nail and its development under the skin, causing intense pain.

Other of the main causes of ingrown nails include:

  • Knock on the foot:some accidents, such as hitting with the big toe on the foot of the table, can cause deformation of the nail that begins to grow inside of the skin;
  • Use shoes to small or tight:this type of footwear squeezes a lot of the fingers facilitating the entry of the nail under the skin;
  • Have fingers small:in some people the nail may grow in excess for the size of the finger, causing the development of the nail under the skin.

In addition, the ingrown toenail is also more common in people with abnormalities of the nails or toes. In these cases, it is recommended to have extra care, especially at the time of cutting the nails, to avoid this problem.

How to cut nails properly

Once the cutting of the fingernails is the main cause of ingrown nails is very important to know how to cut properly. For this, the nails should be cut in a straight line, avoiding cutting the corners, because the corners help guide the growth of the nail, avoiding that develop under the skin.

In addition, you should not cut the nail too short because it increases the risk of it bending and penetrate the skin on the front of the finger.

How to Stop Wrinkles Around the Mouth 1