How to Make Cauterization Hair at Home 1

How to Make Cauterization Hair at Home

To do the cauterization hair at home is to buy a kit cauterização hair in pharmacies, drugstores, or shops of cosmetic products, in addition to possessing a hair dryer and a flat iron.

The cauterization is an aesthetic treatment which closes the cuticles of the wires, which reduces the frizz, the volume and gives an appearance with more brightness and softness to the hair, and can be repeated every week, 15 days or 1 month. To know more details of when it is indicated and precautions, see what it is for and how to do a cauterization capillary.

Although this hair treatment, usually, be done by professionals in beauty salon, it can also be done at home, provided that they are followed by the techniques appropriate and used the correct products.

The step-by-step to do a cauterization capillary homely is:

  1. Washing the hair with shampoo anti-residue, one or two times in a row, and remove the excess moisture with a towel;
  2. Spend a hydrating maskfor your hair type, and massage of the yarn and leave to act for 5 to 20 minutes. Learn to make a homemade mask to hydrate each hair type;
  3. Rinse hair wellto remove the mask, and then dry with the towel;
  4. Spray the liquid keratinfor the entire length of the strands, from the roots to the ends, and leave it for 10 minutes;
  5. Drying hair with a dryer. Before, you can use a product anti-thermal for hair, to avoid the aggression of the heat;
  6. Pass the iron gently over the hair, after you slice them into small slivers to make the process easier.

To finalize, it is recommended to pass a serum of silicone across the entire length of the hair to decrease the static electricity and the appearance of the new wires.

What products to use

Some examples of kits cauterization capillary that can be used are the brand Keramax, Niely Gold hair, Vizcaya, L’oreal and Vita A.

This procedure can be done in a maximum of 1 time per week, as many times as necessary, and, as it resets the keratin of the wires, it is a great treatment option for women with dry hair, weakened, with split ends or who have suffered aggressions of chemical products, such as escova progressiva. Here are some other excellent treatment options for brittle hair.

How to Make Cauterization Hair at Home 1