How to Increase the Breast Without Silicone 1

How to Increase the Breast Without Silicone

The breast augmentation for those who do not want the use of silicone implants can be done, primarily, with the application of hyaluronic acid by the plastic surgeon, but his effect has a duration of up to 2 years, because the body absorbs the product and this needs to be repeated after this time.

Other alternatives may be the laser procedure, done by a dermatologist, using cosmetic creams and physical exercise, because, although it does not cause a significant increase, help to improve the appearance and lift the breasts.

Filling of the breasts with hyaluronic acid

This aesthetic procedure is done with the application, the plastic surgeon, about 100 to 250 ml of hyaluronic acid in the breasts, which causes increase of volume and have the appearance of being more firm. The procedure is done with local anesthesia and, therefore, do not need to stay in hospital and can return to the house on the same day.

In spite of good aesthetic effect, the acid is reabsorbed in 2 years, and its effects are temporary, and, in addition, it can cause inflammation and lead to scars within the breasts, and may even mean an increase in the risk for other diseases of the breast, such as cancer. Learn more about the risks and care of the use of hyaluronic acid to increase the size of the breasts.

Other ways of increasing the breasts

There are ways to help increase breasts, not with the same volume of the surgery, but with good effects to improve the aspect of the region, such as:

  • Creams: there are creams to the base of phytosterol natural, as the Boost Serum, the Commipheroline, the Voluform or the Boob Job, for example, that promise the increase of up to 2 cm of the breasts as the continued use, in addition to take a look more firm, but the results are also temporary;
  • Bras: can be used on bras with padding to enhance the breasts, and the more new looks increasingly more natural. There are even bras with bulges that help to lift the breast, giving the appearance more firm;
  • Physical activity: there are weight training exercise that can make breasts firmer and toned, although they do not generate a significant increase, as the push-ups, bench presses, and series of flying, for example. The ideal is to talk with the physical educator to schedule the exercises according to the goals of each person. See some examples of exercises that help to increase the chest.
  • Laser: it is a procedure with pulsed light, which acts on the breast by increasing the circulation and reaffirming the skin, which promises a small increase and increased firmness of the breasts, however, the procedure does not cause effects definitive, needing to repeat often;
  • Mastopexy: is a type of surgery that does not use silicone and that helps improve the appearance of the breasts. Although it does not enlarge the breasts, it helps to lift the appearance of droopy breasts. Learn more about how is the surgery for mastopexy.

Are not recommended the use of hormonal medication, such as Perlutan, Estradiol, or growth Hormone for breast enlargement because they cause various side effects such as fluid retention, increased pressure and even risk of thrombosis.

How to Increase the Breast Without Silicone 1