How to Increase Eyelashes Without Mascara 1

How to Increase Eyelashes Without Mascara

The Extension of Eyelashes or Lengthening Eyelashes wire to wire is a technical aesthetic that provides a larger volume of the lashes and definition to the look, while also helping to fill in flaws that undermine the intensity of the look.

With this technique, it is possible to get rid of mascara once and for all, because the lashes are always elongated, darkened, and bulky, there is the need to apply products to enhance your setting.

Advantages of the Extension of Eyelashes

Some of the advantages of the extension of eyelashes wire to wire, which include:

  • The increase in the volume of the lashes;
  • Darkening of the eyelashes by improving the definition of the look;
  • Fill failures.

Also, anyone who resorts to the use of this technique in aesthetic ends up saving you time in your day-to-day, since it no longer exists the need to go through mascara to define and lengthen the lashes.

However, this procedure also has its disadvantages, since there is the need to do periodic maintenance of the 15 in 15 days or 1 time per month, plus there is always the risk of allergic reactions to the glue or the materials used. Therefore, it should only be done by a professional trained and certified, and should the procedure be stopped if you feel the sting, the burning, the smell of strong adhesive or discomfort.

How is it Performed the Technique

During the process, are placed in a paper holders in the bottom of the eyelashes (also known as a Patch) that facilitate the work of technical, and over the course of 1 to 2 hours using tweezers thorough the technician will then separate the natural lashes, making application of the lashes, synthetic wire to wire. For attaching each eyelash synthetic is used a specific adhesive, and the procedure for stretching of the lashes held with the client’s eyes closed.

This technique, as the preference may be performed over the entire length of the eyelid, or just from the middle, thus giving more volume and prominence to the wires located in the outer part of the eye.

After the first application, to keeping the eyelashes, synthetic shall be necessary to carry out sessions of maintenance every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the speed of growth of the natural lashes. In cases where there is the desire to keep the extension of the eyelashes, it is recommended not to perform session maintenance, leaving the extensions out to the few as the natural renewal of the lashes. In addition, it is also possible to remove the extensions home-made, using sweet almond oil, which ends up removing the extensions when left to act for 3 to 5 minutes.

What materials are used to perform the extension

The whole procedure is done by using hairs, synthetic, or silk extensions mink, that different between them in price, quality and durability of the material. The best, are considered extensions mink, which also makes the cosmetic procedure more expensive.

For clamping of the hairs, are used stickers have already prepared, which previously should be tested on the skin to prevent the appearance of allergy reactions.

Care after the placement of Eyelash Extensions

After the placement of the extensions, there are some cautions that are important and that contribute to a greater durability, which include:

  • Avoid the use of mascara, especially the waterproof;
  • Do not wet the extensions for 12 to 24 hours after its application;
  • Do not use oil products in the region of the eyelashes;
  • Avoid the use of removers makeup in the region of the eyes;
  • Do not rub the lashes with your fingers.

When applied correctly by a trained professional, eyelash extensions will not harm or damage the natural lashes, and this aesthetic treatment is a great option for those who have lashes short or weak ones or for those looking to highlight and define the look.

How to Increase Eyelashes Without Mascara 1