How to Increase Breasts Naturally 1

How to Increase Breasts Naturally

To increase the breasts naturally and without surgery, it is possible to bet in physical exercises, and even lifestyle habits that favor the growth of the breasts.

Exercises that work the chest muscles, such as flexion, bench press, and the contraction of the pectoral muscles can help, if done with the technique and the correct intensity, it can increase a few inches, making a difference.

Already the massage in the breast or foods that increase the production of estrogen, such as beans, soy and flaxseed might have some effect on women more sensitive to the action of this hormone to the increase of the breasts, such as those who are in the diet restrictive, or with changes in the production of hormones, for example.

Thus, the main ways to increase the breasts naturally, are:

1. Exercises for the pecs

These exercises should be done daily to get good results that, in addition to being able to increase, a little, the breasts, they are less droopy and with better appearance.

Lying belly up, with knees bent, hold the weights over the chest. While breathing out, stretch your arms upward and then bring back the weights up to your chest while you breathe in, as shown in image 1. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Lying belly up, with the knees bent, open and close the arms with the weights in hand. While breathing out, lift your arms up until you touch the weights and then lower the arms slowly, inspiring, as shown in image 2. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Push the palms of the hands one against the other, and then press counting 5 seconds and slowly release. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

  1. Food to enlarge breasts

A diet rich in phytoestrogens can help to increase the breasts of some women, especially those with a lack of this hormone for a diet of very restrictive diets, or by difficulty of production of hormones naturally by the body. Estrogen acts by increasing the glands of the breasts, which can give the appearance of a little higher.

Some foods that increase estrogen in the body are:

  • Carrot;
  • Papaya;
  • Barley;
  • Eggs;
  • Plum;
  • Pumpkin;
  • Tomato;
  • Lentils;
  • Flaxseed;
  • Red Beans;

In addition to these foods, there are some medicinal plants that also have this action, as the seeds of anise, the flowers of basil, anise and licorice, and can be used to make some foods or in teas.

A diet that is rich in protein, mostly with white meat, and good fat, like the omega-3s present in sardines, tuna, salmon, flaxseed and chia, help in the reconstruction of the pectoral muscles and the cells of the breast, which helps in the goal of increasing the breasts.

  1. Massage on the breasts

The automassagem of the breasts can be useful in some women, because this stimulus helps to increase the production of estrogen is local and in women more sensitive, you can notice a difference. The massage should be carried out with almond oil or creams to the bases of phytosterol, which help prevent friction and increase the results, and should be performed with rotary movements, without over-tightening or pulling of skin, not to cause pain and bruising.

The procedure should be done for at least 1 month, to arise some result. In addition, the use of creams firming and exercises help to achieve better results.

To increase your breasts faster, and give more volume, there are cosmetic procedures that guarantee these results.

How to Increase Breasts Naturally 1