How to Fight Hair Loss Caused by Stress 1

How to Fight Hair Loss Caused by Stress

To combat the hair loss caused by stress is advised to find strategies to keep calm and the situation under control. Some of the aids extras are the remedies and vitamin supplements which may be prescribed by the dermatologist, such as Pantogar, or Energion ByStress, for example.

These medicines help to combat the inflammation capillary, improve blood circulation and provide the hair the necessary conditions for its development and growth. However, it is fundamental to the emotional control and combating stress for the hair to re-grow normally.

Remedies against hair fall

Multivitamins, such as Centrum or Farmaton, are a good choice because it contains all the vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth and can be consumed at the same time that the remedies indicated by the dermatologist.

Besides taking drugs, to improve the strength, brightness and to avoid the fall should also avoid the oiliness at the root of the threads, using shampoos suitable for thinning hair and oily as Nizoral to combat seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff effectively.

Food against hair loss

Increase the consumption of protein by investing in meat and dairy products, like milk, yogurt and cheese is also a good strategy because they help in the construction of new wires and in the growth of the hair, preventing the hair from becoming thin and thin.

But to improve the health of the wires is also advised to avoid attaching the hair wet to not rot the root, and when you wash the hair, to completely remove the shampoo and the conditioner. If the hair is dry you can apply a layer of cream comb to remove the knots and moisturize, avoiding the hair fall a lot when styling.

Because Stress can cause hair loss

Stress can cause hair loss, scientifically called androgenetic alopecia or areata, because it inhibits the development and increases the inflammation, compromising the blood circulation making it more difficult for the permanence of the wires in the scalp.

The stress still increases the chances of oily hair, which is beneficial for the dandruff and thus, hair loss. It is normal to be a daily loss of up to 100 strands of hair but generally the excessive hair loss begins after a period of increased stress, or emotional disorder caused by personal conflicts, love, loss of a loved one, change of city, job, or in the case of illness of their own or in another family.

How to combat Stress

In addition to following the specific treatment for hair loss, it is critical to the success of the treatment stay calm and relax, tackling your stress. Can be useful:

  • Identify the cause of the stress and let off steam with a close person, of the trust;
  • To focus the attention on other situations, and escape from personal conflicts;
  • Take teas soothinglike chamomile or a natural remedy such as Valerian;
  • Spend energy on practicing some exercise of physical exertion such as running or swimming because it releases endorphins, that result in well-being;
  • Get enough sleepto wake up rested and with more energy for school or work.

When the biggest source of stress is work-related should evaluate whether it is possible to change jobs, seek more knowledge, resolve conflicts with colleagues or even change of profession, if you do not feel accomplished with what you do on a day-to-day.

How to Fight Hair Loss Caused by Stress 1