How to Do the Massage Modeling to Fine-Tune the Waist 1

How to Do the Massage Modeling to Fine-Tune the Waist

The massage modeling is a technique that uses strong movements and deep, that they reach the deeper layers of the skin and improve the blood circulation and local metabolism.

Thus, it is possible to stimulate the muscle to stay hard and keep a slim waist, disguise the fats, release toxins, and combat the sagging and the cellulite in a short time.

The massage modeling must be done by a physiotherapist dermato functional or beautician, to avoid injury to the muscle fibers. Another massage that can be helpful to fine-tune the waist, fighting the swelling of the body is the lymphatic Drainage.

How to do the massage, modeling

To do the massage modeling it is necessary to use fast movements and strong local accumulation of fat, such as abdomen, arms, hips, glutes, and ice.

A massage technique modeling used includes:

  1. Pass a layer of oil on the location to be massaged;
  2. With the tips of the fingers, pinch the fat from the knee up to the inner part of the thigh, as shown in the picture 1;
  3. Do a massage in the buttocks with a circular movement, as shown in figure 2;
  4. Make a circular massage on the abdomen in a clockwise direction, ending with slight pinching in the region of the waist, as in image 3.

Each step should be repeated for about 3 minutes.

The results of the massage model

The results of the massage modeling start after 4 sessions, but are temporary and that, in case the person leave to do the massage, you can stop feeling their effect.

The massage modeling makes you lose weight when combined with a balanced diet and a pattern of regular physical exercise, a time that, by itself, massages are not able to break down the body fat.

Contraindications of massage modeling

The contraindications of massage modeling include pregnant women and patients with fever, heart problems, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and varicose veins.

The price of the massage model

The price of the massage model is about 80 dollars per session, but it depends on the location you selected for it to do. Must be made 2 sessions per week to achieve the desired effect or in accordance with the evaluation of the professional.

How to Do the Massage Modeling to Fine-Tune the Waist 1