How to Deal With Hair Loss in the Postpartum 1

How to Deal With Hair Loss in the Postpartum

Hair loss after pregnancy is normal and affects virtually all women who are breastfeeding but also those who do not breastfeed, although these are a little less affected.

The loss of the wires can start around 3 months after the birth of the baby and is the result of the intense hormonal changes that mark this phase of a woman’s life. Healthy diet, rich in vitamins and minerals help reduce hair loss but there are some extra care to help maintain the health of the wires. See what you can do to pass through this phase.

5 Strategies to fight hair fall

1. Eat a varied and nutritious

Increase the daily consumption of nutrients is the secret and therefore, women should have a healthy and balanced diet, varying constantly the menu. A good tip is to not take advantage of the leftovers of lunch for dinner. This will cause that each meal will be different from the other, increasing the nutritional content of the meals.

You should invest in foods rich in:

  • Pproteínassuch as eggs, meats, milk, and yogurt,
  • Vitamin Asuch as raw carrot and spinach,
  • Ironsuch as beans, beet and parsley
  • Zincsuch as brazil nuts

Because they favor the growth of hair in addition to make them more strong and firm.

2. Take vitamins and juices fortified

Take daily 2 or 3 cups of fruit juice with vegetables prepared in the centrifuge, since, in addition to result in a juice with a greater amount of nutrients, their quantity is minor and does not cause poor digestion. Good recipes to strengthen hair are the following: 1 carrot + 1 apple + 1 tablespoon of brown ground, and 1 carrot + 2 oranges.

3. Use products for hair fragile

Use shampoo, condition and serum for hair loss, using brands of good quality, such as Klorane, Phytoervas, kerastase or OX, for example. Ampoules of vitamin A can also be used to keep your hair beautiful and hydrated, however, vitamin a is more effective when it is consumed in the form of food.

4. Only wash my hair 3x per week

Avoid washing and brushing your hair more than 3 times per week helps prevent the loss of the wires. In addition, the ideal is to always use a comb off to comb the hair and undo us. The hair loss stops naturally, you have to have patience and at this stage it is advisable to avoid the use of hair straightening ionic iron to straighten the hair or blow dryers, as well as permanent or relaxation, even if you’re not breastfeeding, because the hair is more fragile and brittle, requiring more care.

5. Medicine for hair loss

Sometimes, when the hair fall is very strong and leaves even crashes in the middle of the hair, the dermatologist may indicate a supplement of iron, because the anemia common during pregnancy and post-pregnancy also leads to hair loss. Here’s how to take iron supplements without getting constipation by clicking here. Another medicine called Pantogar, can also be indicated by a dermatologist.

How to Deal With Hair Loss in the Postpartum 1