How to Beat Hair Loss in Menopause 1

How to Beat Hair Loss in Menopause

Hair loss in menopause is due to decrease of estrogen production by the ovary, resulting in lower levels of collagen, which is the main responsible for keeping the hair healthy.

So, the best way to avoid hair loss in menopause is the hormone replacement that can be done with the intake of remedies hormonal prescribed by a gynecologist, as Climaderm, or the application of creams for hair loss such as Regaine.

5 tips to beat hair loss

There are some tips that help prevent hair loss:

  1. Use shampoofor weakened hair, with polymers of collagen, which make the hair more soft and bulky;
  2. Put conditioner in hair and rinse after a few minutes, to protect the hair before you go to the pool or beach;
  3. Do a massage in the hairwith a mixture of 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 1 tsp of oil avocado by washing very well the following;
  4. Eat 1 brazil nutper day because it contains selenium that helps keep hair and nails strong;
  5. Eating foods rich in protein, calcium, and magnesium, such as rice, beans, milk, or fruits of the sea, because they help in the growth of the hair strands.

If a woman presenting with excessive loss of hair, you should consult a doctor gynecologist or dermatologist to diagnose the problem and start the supplementation required.

How to Beat Hair Loss in Menopause 1