How to Avoid the Main Causes of Oily Hair 1

How to Avoid the Main Causes of Oily Hair

Sleep with pillow cover cotton, excess stress, use of products or inappropriate application of cosmetics in the root of the hair, are some of the factors that can increase the sebum produced by the hair.

The trend of the hair to be oily depends on person to person, because it is caused especially by genetic factors responsible for the type of hair and their ability to produce cebo. Oily hair is a hair type very sensitive, it requires some care.

9 the Main Causes of Oily Hair

1. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes such as those experienced during pregnancy can cause an increase of oiliness in the hair, since it can be stimulated a high production of fat by the cells of the hair during these periods.

Usually these periods are transient, and with time the hair ends up coming back to normal. The ideal in this periods is to consult a dermatologist to do a treatment for the control of oiliness.

2. Excess of stress or concerns

Periods of high stress or with the many worries can end up causing oiliness in the hair, since the changes that occur in the nervous system during this period end up increasing the production of fat by the scalp.

Another common change during these periods is to increase the amount of sweat produced, which also ends up contributing to the increase of oiliness in the hair.

In these changes, the recommended is also consult a dermatologist to do a treatment for the control of oiliness and try to relax through techniques such as yoga or meditation for example.

3. Use of products not suitable in the hair

Use products that are not suitable for oily hair such as shampoo, conditioner, or cream comb for example, can end up increasing the oiliness in the hair.

These products, especially when they are indicated for dry hair, you will end up not only increasing the oiliness in the hair root, as may also stop these types of hair heavy and without volume.

Products for oily hair, to increase the volume or the density are always the most indicated, since only they allow for a deep cleaning on the root of the hair, eliminating efficiently all the waste of fat from the pores.

4. Food rich in fats

Have a diet rich in fatty foods such as fried foods, fast food, butter, cream, cheese, yellow or sauces, for example, is another of the causes that can lead to an increase of oiliness in the hair.

These foods end up contributing to the production of fat by the scalp, because they end up changing the body’s metabolism and the functioning of the hair follicles.

The ideal is to avoid this type of food and invest in a healthy diet with few fats. In addition, invest in foods rich in Vitamin A, Biotin, Silicon, Zinc, beta-carotene, omega-3, amino acids and collagen
helps to strengthen the yarn, which contributes to the health of the hair.

5. Wash your hair with hot water

Wash your hair with hot water is another factor that increases the oiliness on the scalp, and therefore it is indicated to wash whenever possible with warm or cold water.

In addition, blow-dry hair with the dryer at a temperature too hot also ends up bringing the same consequences of the hot water, and therefore it is recommended that you keep the dryer at lower temperatures, drying is always with him away from the scalp.

6. Use cosmetic on the root of the hair

Pass the mask, cream comb or thermal protector directly on the scalp or use bottles hydration are other behaviors that also contribute to the increased production of oil.

These products can be used, but should be avoided products very greasy and its use should be restricted to the ends of the hair.

7. Use hats, scarves or turbans in the hair

Ideal for hair with tendency to oiliness is walking loose, because the use of accessories such as hats, scarves or turbans for example hinder the breathing ventilation and of the coura scalp.

It is the ideal choose for hair loose or do simple hairstyles, putting aside this kind of accessories.

8. Use pillowcase from cotton to sleep

The pillowcases of cotton steal the moisture from the yarn, which ends up drying out the hair, increasing frizz, and stimulate the production of sedo at the root of the hair.

The ideal is to opt for the pillow cases of silk or satin, which maintain the natural moisture of hair and help control oiliness, or use bonnets of satin to sleep.

9. Go regularly to hand by the hair

Go regularly to hand by the hair, tossing the hair back or to the side, it is a behavior that stimulates the production of sebum and that just exacerbated the oiliness. In addition, this habit causes all the dirt of the hands move to the hair, leaving it dirtier and heavier.

So, if you want to get rid of this habit, opt to use a clamp or piranha to hold the bangs, or choose to use the hair tied up.

Oily hair can be difficult to deal with, but these tips will help keep the oil under control. If you do not know your hair type, learn to identify in Learn what is your hair type.

How to Avoid the Main Causes of Oily Hair 1