How It Is Done the Hair Transplant 1

How It Is Done the Hair Transplant

The hair transplant, also called hair transplant, is a surgical technique widely used to treat baldness in men or women, and consists of:

  1. Take a portion of hair from the patient himself, usually from the area of the nape of the neck;
  2. Separate units of hair to be deployed, while preserving the hair roots, and
  3. Deploy wire by wire in the areas without hair.

The surgery of hair transplant is usually performed by the physician, surgeon, dermatological, under local anesthesia, and each session may be deployed about 2 thousand strands of hair, which take between 8 to 12 hours.

In some cases, can even be used hair artificial, especially if the person has a hair bit dense in the regions where it would be necessary to harvest the new hair.

Although it is a treatment to slow, due to the speed of hair growth, the end result can start to be observed after about 6 months, especially in men.

The price of the implant

The price of the hair transplant varies between 10 to 50 thousand dollars per surgery and may be necessary for up to 2 surgeries, with an interval of about 1 year between them, in the most serious cases.

Because the hair transplant works

The implant of the hair has a high success rate in healing baldness because the hair implanted are collected from the sides and from the back of the head, which causes them to be less sensitive to the action of the hormone testosterone.

Generally, people with high levels of this hormone are at increased risk of baldness, especially in the front of the head due to the sensitivity of these hairs. To make the implant, the sensitivity decreases and, therefore, it is less likely that the hair will fall back.

When you can make the implant

The hair transplant can be done in almost all cases of pattern baldness, both in men and women with more than 20 years. However, it is important to have a capillary density sufficient to collect hair from a region and put them in another. When this does not happen, the surgery can bring bad results or the doctor may advise the use of artificial hair, for example.

In the case of people with a clinical history of high blood pressure, arrhythmia, heart attack or diabetes, for example, only it is important to be more careful with the anesthesia, and it is important to inform the doctor about diseases that you have.

How It Is Done the Hair Transplant 1