How Is the Liposculpture Plastered 1

How Is the Liposculpture Plastered

Liposculpture plastered is a technical aesthetic that involves applying certain creams and products in the region where if you want to lose the fat, and then cover the area with bandages tight, that have the goal of sculpting the body.

This technique promises to burn the fat that cause cellulite and bloating that insist on staying in regions such as the abdomen and legs, in addition to improving the appearance of the skin, venous return, and the women’s self-esteem, due to the use of products that accelerate fat burning when in contact with the skin.

The price of liposuction plastered

The price of the procedure varies from R$ 50.00 to R$ 100.00 per session, depending on the clinic where it is done.

As it is made

Liposculpture plastered should be done at aesthetic clinics, usually by beauticians, because they know how to manipulate the products used and the techniques of massage.

The step-by-step procedure is:

  1. To carry out exfoliation of the tummy, hip or thighs to remove dead skin and increase circulation;
  2. Applying products that help to burn fat as asian centella;
  3. Do a massage with circular movements;
  4. Wrap the location with a bandage for 1 hour.

With the bandage to sculpt the body, the region covered is hard and immobile, which gives rise to the name liposculpture plastered. After completion of the procedure, it is possible to go and perform the activities of day-to-day without restriction, pain, or complications.

The products used are creams with active principles, which accelerated the process of burning calories such as ester, methyl, green clay, marine algae, asian centella, and caffeine, for example, which must remain in contact with the skin for about 1 hour.

How to lose weight with liposuction plastered

To obtain good results are advised 2 sessions of liposuction plastered per week, for approximately 40 minutes, associated with a low-calorie diet and practice regular physical exercise, and the number of sessions minimum is 10.

In addition, this technique can be combined with other beauty treatments such as Manthus, ultra sounds, lipocavitação, carboxiterapia and lymphatic drainage, for example, to have a faster result and long-lasting.

However, to be a slimming considerable, it is recommended to perform diet for weight loss, associated with the practice of regular physical exercise.

Who should not do the treatment

This technique is contraindicated for pregnant women, women in lactation, in the case of heart diseases and problems of skin in the area being treated, mainly allergies, or injury.

How Is the Liposculpture Plastered 1