How Do Artificial Tanning With Less Risk to Health

How Do Artificial Tanning With Less Risk to Health

Artificial tanning is typically accomplished through the use of tanning chambers that exist in aesthetic clinics.

The tanning chambers, also known as the solarium, are devices that emit UV radiation and that lead to the production of melanin that is responsible for giving color to the skin, making it darker and with golden hue, as if he had taken the sun.

Although, the use of tanning chambers help give a beautiful color to the skin, its use is dangerous and can cause aging of the skin, appearance of dark spots, cause skin cancer or cataracts, for example. Read more about tanning beds: Artificial Tanning.


For the artificial tanning in the solarium, it is less harmful to health should follow the following steps:

  1. Take a showerand dry the skin very well in the house;
  2. Remove clothing, contact lenses, jewelry,makeup or any other cosmetic with soap and water;
  3. Protect the body of the rays: Place the goggles over the eyes, keeping them closed during the session; apply cream on the lips and, in case you have dyed hair, put a shower cap to prevent the color change. In addition, you must cover the nipples, the male genital organ and apply the sun filter and a band-aid on the signs, tattoos and scars.
  4. Lie belly upin the camera. Must remain in this position during the entire time, not turning belly-down. However, you can put the arms and legs along his body, slightly separating them so that the color of the skin is uniform;
  5. Close the door of the machinesuntan and stay in the interior of the machine during the time indicated for the type of skin and to respect the distance of the bars that emit radiation;
  6. Clean the body with a towel, since it is normal to sweat.

Already at home, you should take a bath of warm water and apply a moisturizing cream to keep the skin hydrated and fresh, in addition to drink at least 50 ml of water after each session.

When you go back to tanning?

After each tanning session, it is important to give rest to the skin and, therefore, the following session should only be done 48 hours later. In addition, the individual must avoid sun exposure on the same day that made the solarium, avoiding to go to the beach.

In addition, to keep the skin tanned, it is necessary to do a session in the solarium at least 1 time per week, because at the end of three or four weeks, the color will disappear. However, you should not exceed the 50 sessions per year.

However, the best way to keep the skin tanned without damaging the skin is applying self-tanner. See more: How to use the self-tanner without staining the skin.

How long can one do with artificial tanning?

The time of artificial tanning varies with the type of the skin, being that, usually the lighter skin should be less time, however, varies with the power of the machine.

Typically, each session of the solarium varies between 6 to 25 minutes and should be gradual increase of the duration to not burn the skin.

Those who can’t do

The artificial tanning chambers are absolutely contraindicated for children under 18 years, with the skin very white and sensitive, that burn never tan after sunbathing, in the case of cancer in the family, and people who take medicines such as anti-anxiety medications, antibiotics and anti-depressants as it increases the sensitivity of the skin.

Warning signs to go to the doctor

The individual should go to the doctor when they arise:

  • Lumps that do not disappear;
  • Wounds to the spotting on the skin after going to the solarium;
  • Skin too red or burnt;
  • Visual difficulties, or pain in the head very strong after the session.

Artificial tanning increases the exposure to radiation that are harmful to the skin and, therefore, increases the risk of skin cancer.

How Do Artificial Tanning With Less Risk to Health