Hair Removal Egyptian All You Need to Know 1

Hair Removal Egyptian: All You Need to Know

Hair removal with spring-uses a spring-specific with approximately 20 cm of length that removes the hair by the root, through rotary movements.

Hair removal with spring, also known as Epilation Egyptian, is specially indicated to remove the hair from the fluff and face, that are more skinny. It is great because it prevents the sagging of the face, and is still an excellent alternative in case of sensitive skin or allergy to the wax depilatória.

Hair removal with spring can be carried out in beauty salons, but can also be made at home, just buy a spring epilator in stores cosmetic products or over the internet. This kind of waxing works perfectly and lasts for about 20 days.

Step-by-step hair removal with spring

To do the hair removal with spring step-by-step follow the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Fold the spring epilator and hold on the horns;
  • Pasoe 2:Stretch the skin of the region that will shave;
  • Step 3: Place the spring epilator along the skin and make rotating movements to within and out in order to eliminate the by, as shown in the image.

To clear the spring epilator, you should use alcohol because the water may cause it to become rusty. The spring epilator can last for about five years, if it is stored properly, as is indicated on the packaging.

Hair removal with spring hurts?

Hair removal with spring-it hurts as much as waxing with tweezers, but it can be eased or even be perceived if you apply a balm anesthetic about 20 to 30 minutes before the procedure.

Price hair removal with spring

The price hair removal with spring varies between 20 and 50 dollars, depending on the region and lounge. However, the price of the spring is about 10 reais and it can be bought over the internet.

Hair Removal Egyptian All You Need to Know 1