Get to Know How Is the Rebuild Hair to Strengthen the Hair 1

Get to Know How Is the Rebuild Hair to Strengthen the Hair

The capillary reconstruction is a process that helps replenish the keratin of the hair, which is deleted every day due to exposure to the sun, to straighten your hair with straightening iron or to the use of chemicals on the hair, to make the coloring brush or progressive, for example.

Generally, the capillary reconstruction should be done every 15 days, especially when using many chemical processes in the hair. Already in cases that do not use many products in the hair, the reconstruction can only be done once per month, as an excess of keratin can make the hair very hard and brittle.

The price of rebuilding the hair

The price of the capillary reconstruction in the house is about 90 actual, however, the value may vary according to the products purchased. In addition, the products can be used more than once.

Already in the salon, the price of rebuilding the capillary is approximately 90 dollars per session.

How to make the capillary reconstruction in the house

To make the capillary reconstruction in the house it is important to follow the following steps:

  1. Washing your hair with a shampoo for deep cleaning, such as Natura or Clean Intensy of the Amend, to delete all the waste and open the hair scales;
  2. Pressing the hair with a soft towelto remove the excess water, without drying out the hair is completely;
  3. Split your hair into several strandswith about 2 cm of width;
  4. Apply liquid keratin, as the Bio Extractus or Tânagra, in each section of hair, starting in the region of the nape and ending in the front part of the hair. It is important to avoid to put at the root, leaving about 2 cm without the product.
  5. Massage throughout the hair and leave the keratin to put up with for about 10 minutes;
  6. Apply a mask of intense hydration, such as Joico or kerastase products, in each section until it covers the keratin and then put a cap of plastic is left to act for 20 minutes;
  7. Wash the hair to remove excess product, apply a serum protector and blow-dry hair completely with the dryer.

Typically, this type of treatment leaves the hair looking stiff and, therefore, to leave it silky smooth and with more shine it is recommended to make a hydration treatment 2 days after the rebuild hair. Here’s how to moisturize your hair: Hydration for hair.

Get to Know How Is the Rebuild Hair to Strengthen the Hair 1