Get to Know All the Dangers of the Fotodepilação 1

Get to Know All the Dangers of the Fotodepilação

The fotodepilação, which include pulsed light and laser hair removal, is a cosmetic procedure with few risks, when done wrong it can cause burns, irritation, stains, or other changes in the skin.

This is an aesthetic treatment that aims at the elimination of body hair through the use of pulsed light or a laser. The course of the various sessions fotodepilação, the hairs will gradually be weakened or destroyed, learn more on Understand how the system works fotodepilação.

The main Risks of the Fotodepilação

1. Can cause stains or burns on the skin

When done incorrectly, the Fotodepilação can cause stains or burns in the region to treat, due to the heating of the region to be treated, the incorrect handling of the material or due to the use of little gel during the procedure.

This risk can be reduced if the technique was performed by an experienced professional, who will know how to perform the technique correctly, handling the instrument properly and using the quantities of gel required.

2. May cause irritation and redness to the skin

After the sessions, the skin can get quite red and irritated and may even exist some discomfort, pain and sensitivity in the local treaty.

In these situations, it is possible to use moisturizing creams and soothing, with aloe vera or chamomile in its composition or oil-moisturizing and regenerating as the Bio Oil.

3. It may be necessary to a greater number of sessions than expected

The effectiveness of the technique varies from person to person, since it depends on the color of the skin and hair, and therefore can be a need for a greater number of sessions to eliminate the hair from that expected. Generally, this technique is more effective on skins with white hair dark, and the characteristics of the skin, the region to waxing, sex, and age are factors that can also influence the outcome.

Despite being considered a technique definitive, there is always the risk with the passing of time some of the hairs re-grow, the which can be solved with a few sessions of treatment.

Contraindications of Fotodepilação

Although considered a procedure with few risks, the Fotodepilação is contraindicated in some specific cases, such as:

  • When the skin is tanned;
  • Have acute illnesses or chronic on the skin;
  • Have inflammatory processes or infectious diseases;
  • If you have diabetes;
  • You have diseases in heart;
  • You are pregnant;
  • Is treatment with drugs that alter the sensitivity of the skin;
  • Has a tendency to form queloides on the skin;
  • You have glaucoma.

In addition, this aesthetic treatment should also not be done for patients with varicose veins in the target region.

Despite all these risks, the Fotodepilação is considered a cosmetic procedure very safe and does not cause cancer, since it does not cause any type of alteration in the cells of the skin.

Get to Know All the Dangers of the Fotodepilação 1