Formalin Is Bad for Health 1

Formalin Is Bad for Health

The formaldehyde harm to the hair, the nails and the entire health, and may even cause cancer and their use in cosmetic products has been banned since 2009 after intense scientific research that has proven that the substance was harmful to health, even when used in small concentrations.

To smooth the hair with formaldehyde, this may initially show to be very effective, but after some time, the formaldehyde makes the hair more porous, facilitating the breakage and leaves hair completely dull. Its use also increases the risk of development of cancer because it can change the way the cells multiply. Therefore, those who want to straighten the hair must go to a good salon, where the professional is qualified and experienced to ensure that the procedure has the expected result, without causing harm to the health.

Here are some alternatives of How to straighten the hair.

It is important that the product alisante is indicated for your hair type. To straighten curly hair, very curly, style afro, the chemical substance ideal is the Sodium Hydroxide, which is a product with no smell that can stay for up to 30 minutes on the hair that needs retouching in the root within approximately 6 months. Already those who want to smooth the hairs that are curly, but not afro, you should opt for Tioglicolato of ammonia, and who has the hair and mixed with her little defined, and several meanings of growth of the wires, you should opt for the Hydroxide and Guanidine. All of them give good results and does not contain formaldehyde in its formula.

Formalin Is Bad for Health 1