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Fill With Hydrogel

The aesthetic treatment skin filling can be done with a product called Hydrogel, development especially for aesthetic purposes. This type of procedure serves to increase the volume of certain regions of the body such as the buttocks, thighs, and breasts, being useful to fill out wrinkles and expression lines on the face and neck.

The application of the hydrogel must be done in a surgical center by a doctor, preferably a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist specializing in filling techniques of the body and should be replaced on average 2 years in the case of facial filler and 5 years in the case of the filling body.


The price of the skin filling with the Hydrogel to increase the buttocks is about 2000 dollars per each of 100 ml, and to increase the buttocks is necessary to apply at least 200 ml on each side.

When it is indicated and how it is made

Fill with Hydrogel can be useful for:

  • Enhance the lips, the buttocks, the breasts, the calf, the hip or the ankles;
  • Fill deep wrinkles and lines of expressions on the face or neck;
  • Fix cellulite grade IV because it helps to make the skin more firm.

The procedure is simple, and consists in the application of an injection of the hydrogel in the region that if you want to increase the volume, with local anesthesia. After the application is done, it is a bandage or, sometimes, it is given a single point, which must be removed after 7 days.

What are the risks

The skin filling with Hydrogel is generally well-tolerated, and the person quickly recovers, without the need for inpatient care, especially when you apply a small amount on the face or lips, for example. However, if the region that you want to increase is large, as the buttocks or thighs, you need to stay in the hospital to ensure that it is a safe procedure.

Most of the people who perform this type of treatment offers only small pain, swelling and redness at the site where it is applied the injection. In some cases there may be even the formation of hematomas, and in the most serious cases, which are more rare, can cause serious complications such as allergy to the product, ischemia, compression of the nerves, thrombosis, necrosis of the skin or pulmonary embolism.

Thus, to decrease the risks, it is necessary that the treatment be done by an experienced physician, and is not recommended to be performed in the doctor’s office, or in a ‘feast of botox’, for example.

Who can not use

Fill with hydrogel is particularly contra-indicated for people who have already used the substance Metacrill to fill body, because the two substances are not compatible, and in people with any infectious disease, inflammatory disease, acute or chronic disease of the skin or in the blood vessels.

Fill With Hydrogel 1