Crystal Peeling Takes Away Blemishes and Decreases Enlarged Pores 1

Crystal Peeling Takes Away Blemishes and Decreases Enlarged Pores

The crystal peel is an aesthetic treatment is very used to combat acne scars, fine wrinkles or spots, for example, without the need to use chemical irritants to the skin.

Usually, to do the crystal peeling is used a small suction apparatus with crystals of aluminum hydroxide on the tip, which removes the most superficial layer of the skin and promotes the production of collagen, promoting its rejuvenation.

The crystal peeling should be done in the office of a dermatologist since it is necessary to evaluate the intensity needed to adequately treat the problem of the skin.

Before and after crystal peeling

Price of crystal peel

The price of crystal peel varies between 300 and 900 reais, depending on the region and the amount of sessions needed to treat the problem.

Benefits of crystal peel

The main benefits of crystal peel include:

  • Removal of skin blemishes, such as, for example, the sun, freckles or spots, blackheads;
  • Attenuation of scars left behind by acne;
  • Elimination of wrinkles and expression lines;
  • Reduction of enlarged pores;

In addition, the crystal peeling can also be used to reduce stretch marks anywhere on the part, since the crystals of aluminum helps the skin to produce more collagen, improving the firmness, elasticity and texture of the skin.

How does crystal peeling

The crystal peel removes the most superficial layer of the skin, eliminating the dirt and surface oils, promoting a slight peeling of the skin which is essential to activate the collagen fibers, responsible for improving the support of the skin.

It can be done 1 to 2 times per week and the amount of sessions required will vary depending on the state of the skin of the individual, but the results can start to be seen soon at the end of the first session. Generally, we recommend at least 3 sessions, 1 time per week.

Crystal peel Mary Kay

The line of Mary Kay products it also makes the peeling of the crystal in the form of a kit of microdermabrasion, TimeWise®, that can be done at home with just 2 simple steps, following the instructions on the box of the product.

This peeling does not use the device, and the removal of dead skin cells is done with a cream that has in its composition the crystals of aluminum oxide similar to the peeling of the crystal.

The price of the peeling crest ltd Mary Kay is approximately 150 real and to buy just go in the big shops of perfumery or ordering the product on the page of the brand.

Crystal Peeling Takes Away Blemishes and Decreases Enlarged Pores 1