Cryotherapy – Treatment for Freezing Warts 1

Cryotherapy – Treatment for Freezing Warts

Cryotherapy is a great method to take away warts, where the removal is made through the use of liquid nitrogen at negative temperatures. This method, allows the freezing of the wart and the virus, which causes this acaber by falling into a space of 1 week.

Warts are small lesions on the skin that are caused by a virus HPV – Human Papillomavirus, that are contagious and can be transmitted directly from person to person or indirectly through the community use of the swimming pools or sharing towels, for example.

How is it treated

The treatment for removal of warts should be done by a dermatologist, who will make the application of liquid nitrogen on the wart to remove, which is a temperature of almost 200 ° negative. The application of the product does not hurt, because the low temperatures allow for the control of pain.

This application is made in a spray, and enables the freezing of the wart and the virus, which causes this acaber by falling into a space of 1 week. Generally, for warts, small it is required 1 session of treatment and the warts, the larger they can be required 3 to 4 sessions. With this treatment after the wart to fall off and the skin heal, the skin becomes smoother and without scars.

The treatment is effective?

This treatment is effective because the liquid nitrogen allows you to freeze not only the warts but also the virus that causes. So, the problem is eliminated from the root, and the wart does not come back to be born, as the virus is not active at that location, and there is the danger of spreading the virus to other locations of the skin.

Some treatment of Cryotherapy are already sold in pharmacies, as is the case of the products Wartner or Dr Scholl STOP warts, which can be used at home by following the specific instructions of each product.

In addition to Cryotherapy there are other methods to take away warts which include the process of cutting the wart or burn, use laser surgery, or chemicals like cantaridina or salicylic Acid. Learn about the different types of warts that there are, and what treatment is available in Main Types, and Treatments for Warts.

Cryotherapy – Treatment for Freezing Warts 1