Care Before and After You Put the Silicone in the Butt 1

Care Before and After You Put the Silicone in the Butt

Who has a prosthesis of silicone in the body can have a normal life, doing exercises and working, but in some cases the prosthesis needs to be replaced in 10 years in 25, and there are prostheses that do not need to be exchanged. Depends on the manufacturer, type of implant, the recovery of the individual and financial condition.

The final results should be seen in about 6 months, and will be compromised if the individual does not follow all the doctor’s recommendations how to rest, and avoid trauma to the local and excess physical activity because this could compromise the integrity of the prosthesis, and to change it of position, creating aesthetic problems. So here are some recommendations of the main care that must be taken.

Care before the surgery

The care that must be taken before making a surgery silicone implants in the butt are:

  • Do testssuch as blood, urine, blood glucose, electrolytes, cbc, coagulograma and sometimes echocardiography, if the individual suffer from heart disease or have a family history with the problem;
  • To be as close as possible to the ideal weight with exercises and diet because it accelerates the recovery after the surgery and ensures a good result.

After observing these tests, and observe the body contour of the person, the doctor along with the patient will be able to decide on which denture put in because there are several sizes and models, which vary according to the actual needs of the person.

Care after surgery

After placement of the prosthesis of silicone in the butt is I have to have some care as:

  • Avoid staying too long standing, to decrease the swelling, only to sit down to go to the bathroom, and sleep on your stomach or side, propped up with pillows in the first 20 days to ensure a good healing, lessen the risk of rejection and increase the results;
  • Change the bandage micropore daily for approximately 1 month;
  • Do manual lymphatic drainage or pressotherapy, 2 to 3 times per week;
  • It is also important to avoid efforts and take pain reliever if you feel pain;
  • Use the band model in the first month;
  • Anyone who works sitting down should come back to work after 1 month or according to medical advice;
  • Physical activity can be resumed after 4 months of surgery, and a slow, but weight training should be avoided, especially in the legs and buttocks;
  • Do an exam and ultrasound in the butt every 2 years to verify the integrity of the prosthesis.
  • Whenever you need to take an injection on the butt to warn them that has a silicone prosthesis, so that the injection is applied in another location.

This surgery may bring some complications like bruising, accumulation of liquids or rejection of the prosthesis. Find out what are the main complications of plastic surgery.

Care Before and After You Put the Silicone in the Butt 1