Best Anti-wrinkle Cream to Use in the Menopause 1

Best Anti-wrinkle Cream to Use in the Menopause

With the advancement of age and the onset of menopause, the skin becomes less elastic, more thin and with a look more aged due to the decrease in the amount of the hormones progesterone and estrogen in the body, which affects the production of collagen and weakens all the layers of the skin.

In this way, from 40 or 50 years is common to note a marked growth of wrinkles, their depth and development of dark spots on the skin that take a long time to disappear. To combat this problem, there are some moisturizing creams that contain progesterone and can be applied daily to combat these changes.

Although this can be a great solution to return the elasticity to the skin, are not able to maintain the proper hydration of the skin and, therefore, women should maintain hormone replacement recommended by the gynecologist, because this is the best way to keep the skin properly hydrated.

Where to purchase

This type of creams for the face can only be purchased in pharmacies, since the formula must be created for each woman, but usually it is made with about 2% progesterone.

So, there are no creams ready to buy in supermarkets or pharmacies, being that the only ones existing are the vaginal creams used to treat the dryness in the intimate area, also common in the menopause. If you also suffer with this problem, see how to treat vaginal dryness in a natural way.

When and how to use

The creams with progesterone are indicated for women with more than 40 years, and may be used as long as there were the first symptoms of menopause, to delay the aging process of the skin.

To get all the effects of the cream, you should apply a thin layer of cream on the face before sleeping. In the morning, you should apply a moisturizing cream with sunscreen to keep the effect of the cream of the night, and prevent the emergence of spots on the skin caused by the sun.

In addition, it is necessary to maintain the hormonal replacement therapy indicated by a gynecologist to combat other symptoms of this stage of life and help to maintain the hydration of the skin.

Who should not use

This type of creams is well-tolerated and, therefore, are no known side-effects of their use. However, as has hormones in its composition should only be used with indication of a doctor, not being recommended for women with liver disease, vaginal bleeding, or who suspect pregnancy.

Best Anti-wrinkle Cream to Use in the Menopause 1