All About Silicone in the Butt 1

All About Silicone in the Butt

Put silicone in the butt is a great way to increase your size and improve its shape leaving the body contour more beautiful. The surgery for the placement of silicone in the buttocks is done with epidural anesthesia, the time of internment varies between 1 or 2 days and the results can be seen soon after the surgery.

Care with the silicone in the butt

Before you put the silicone in the butt it is necessary to perform tests to check the health of the individual and make sure that this is within your ideal weight.

After the surgery, you should stay belly-down for approximately 20 days, and depending on the work of the individual he can return to their usual activities in 1 week, but avoid efforts. Physical activity can be resumed after 4 months of the surgery, slowly and gradually.

How is the surgery of silicone in the butt

The surgery is done under epidural anesthesia and sedation, and takes between 1h30 to 2 hours and is done with an incision between the sacrum and the tailbone (top of buttocks) or on the fold gluteal. The surgeon will insert the implant through an opening between 5 and 7 cm shaping it as needed.

In general, the following, you close the cut with stitches and internal use-if a place special for plastic surgery for that there is no scar.

The doctor should put the modeling girdle immediately after surgery and this should remain in use for approximately 1 month and shall be withdrawn only to the individual to do their physiological needs and to the bathroom.

The individual should be taking painkillers for about 1 month to decrease the pain. And about 1 time per week you should perform 1 session of manual lymphatic drainage to eliminate puffiness and toxins.

Who can put the silicone in the butt

Virtually all individuals healthy and close to ideal weight can put the silicone in the butt, since the objective is to increase, to cram, or to improve their format.

Should not put the silicone in the butt obese individuals or patients at risk of not achieving the desired result. As well as the ones that have the butt too flabby and fallen, in this case the buttock Lift is the most suitable.

Risks of silicone in the butt

As in all surgery, the placement of silicone in the butt also presents risks. Hematoma, hemorrhage, trauma, capsular contracture of the prosthesis and infection are some of these risks.

Perform the surgery in a hospital and with a team of well-trained decreases these risks and ensures good results.

Who has silicone prosthesis can travel by plane and go diving at great depths, without the risk of breakage of the prosthesis.

The results of the surgery of silicone in the butt

The results of the surgery for the placement of the silicone prosthesis in the buttocks are seen immediately after the surgery. But as the area will be very swollen, only after 15 days, when the swelling has gone down considerably is that the individual may observe better results.

The final result should be seen between 2 and months after the placement of the prosthesis.

In addition to the silicone implants, there are other surgical options to increase the butt, as is the case with Fat grafting, a technique that uses the fat from the own body to fill in, define and give volume to the butt.

All About Silicone in the Butt 1